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Comment: Re:Science is a religion, so this makes no sense (Score 1) 200

by dskoll (#47784411) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

You are full of shit.

The scientific method (what you call "Science") makes testable and falsifiable predictions. Religion does not.

If a scientific theory is shown to be wrong, it is either modified until it better fits the facts or an alternative theory is developed. If religious belief is shown to be wrong, odds are the people showing it as such are shunned or killed.

Science has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. The scientific method is the single biggest factor in the progress of humankind.

Comment: Re:McDonallds should sue ... (Score 1) 249

by dskoll (#47712029) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

It's Comcast or no TV.

This is a concept I do not understand. Paying someone to watch TV shows riddled with commercials?

We use an antenna and receive about 12 channels very clearly. I have yet to see a TV show I would pay for. I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer; not being able to spend another 3 hours vegging in front of the 500-channel universe is not a big loss.

Comment: Re:McDonallds should sue ... (Score 3, Insightful) 249

by dskoll (#47712009) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

I understand upselling. I run a business and can appreciate its effectiveness. However, there's a time and a place for everything, and customers who do not want to be sold anything should always have their wishes respected.

When I deal with large corporations who try to upsell me, I tell the reps to stop doing that and deal with my question. It usually works. If it doesn't work, I cut them off and ask to speak to the manager. That always works.

Comment: Re:Fuck 'em. (Score 2) 232

by dskoll (#47697345) Attached to: Daimler's Solution For Annoying Out-of-office Email: Delete It

"Long story short, if someone did that to me I'd take my business elsewhere, I don't appreciate having my time wasted . Fuck 'em."

We used to have customers like you until we fired them.

The correct protocol (and the one we follow at my company) is to use role addersses such as sales@, support@, info@, etc for things that absolutely must be read by a human being in a timely manner. Think requests for product information, price quotes, requests for technical support, etc.

We guarantee that those addresses will be routed to a person who can respond quickly. All bets are off for personal email addresses, however. I see no harm in asking a requestor to redirect his or her request if a person is away on vacation. Odds are the requestor will appreciate being able to resend it to someone who can respond quickly rather than waiting for the original person to return.

Comment: Re:Physical mail vs. email (Score 1) 232

by dskoll (#47697279) Attached to: Daimler's Solution For Annoying Out-of-office Email: Delete It

"Great. Here is a stack of 100 letters. I give you 2 seconds to sort them by sender. Go!"

First of all, that's not what faces me when I get back from vacation. I have a stack of flyers, etc. which are nuked very quickly, a few bills, and then (if I'm very lucky) *one* actual letter. Secondly, why would I want to sort them by sender? I sort them by priority and that's really easy to do with physical mail.

"If you don't have separate work and personal email accounts ... Oh I see. I'm being trolled."

I have multiple accounts, but I do get some personal email on my work account. I also get email of varying importance at work, ranging from unimportant to urgent, and there's no obvious way to sort it without at least reading the subject and sometimes the body. Why should I have to sift through all kinds of stuff on my return? Once senders know I'm away, I can trust them to refrain from sending me unimportant stuff, and to send urgent stuff to the contact person in my initial auto-reply.

Comment: Re:Not a bad strategy (Score 1) 232

by dskoll (#47695433) Attached to: Daimler's Solution For Annoying Out-of-office Email: Delete It

No, replying to each and every message is really a bad idea. I worded my auto-reply something like this:

"Hello, you've reached D.... Skoll. I am out of the office until .... Any messages you send me before I return, including the one that caused this auto-reply, will be deleted automatically and I won't see them. For urgent matters, please email .... or call .... Otherwise, please get in touch with me after I return."

Also, in the subject of the auto-reply, I put: "Out of office: D. Skoll will not receive your email" just to make it clear.

Comment: Physical mail vs. email (Score 1) 232

by dskoll (#47694459) Attached to: Daimler's Solution For Annoying Out-of-office Email: Delete It

Physical mail costs money to send, so you are unlikely to come back from vacation to a pile of 2,000 letters. Email costs virtually nothing to send, so it piles up far more quickly than physical mail.

Also, people who send physical mail tend not to Cc: 25+ recipients just because they can, and there's no physical equivalent of the hellish "Reply to All" button.

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