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Comment Re:Can't find anyone asking the obvious question (Score 1) 248

The public at large has a goodwill, founded in the hope of the project's success. That goodwill results in donations to the project and passive political support for the SETI goal. This goodwill is being squandered on a project with (pardon the pun) astronomical odds of success, even by astronomical standards.

You are turning the public into cynics by doing 'something' just to say you're doing 'something', even if the both of us know and understand that there is no chance a SETI telescope can receive earth-type signals, and a next-to-zero chance an alien society will be spending time and energy beaming a signal directly at us.

And while my terawatt hyperbole is just that, I'm sure it's not terribly far off.

Comment Latin answers (Score 3, Informative) 741


1. Me non refero quam divitem esse Gygen. (Unsure how to decline 'Gyges' but we'll go with that for accusative. I guess it's a Greek paradigm.)

2. Quis clarior Graeciae quam Themostecles? Quis, cum in exilium expelleretur, injuriam suae patriae ingratae non tulit, sed idem quod ante viginti annos Coriolanus fecisset?

3. Primo veris venit consul ad Ephesum, et militibus ab Scipio acceptis apud milites contionem habuit, in qua, virtute sua collaudata, adhortabatur ad novum bellum cum Gallis suspicandum, qui (ut inquit) Antiochum auxiliis iuverunt. (I left in 'ut inquit' and 'in qua' although they were meant to be omitted. I wondered if the last bit should be infinitive/accusative construction due to indirect speech, however I think 'ut' demands the indicative.)


You could copy this out of Wheelock so I don't see the point of reproducing it here.

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