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The agreement, not treaty consisted of

Respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty within its existing borders.
Refrain from the threat or use of force against Ukraine.
Refrain from using economic pressure on Ukraine in order to influence its politics.
Seek United Nations Security Council action if nuclear weapons are used against Ukraine.
Refrain from the use of nuclear arms against Ukraine.
Consult with one another if questions arise regarding these commitments.

Now while it can be argued that America broke the first condition by spending billions inside the Ukraine to destabilize the government leading to the resignation of its democratically elected leader, the only country that the USA promised to ensure the Ukrainians safety from was America.

Full text,

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by dryeo (#47505691) Attached to: UEA Research Shows Oceans Vital For Possibility of Alien Life

It's complex. Note that Venus has lost most of its hydrogen and like the Earth, its helium. For the Earth, much of the atmosphere losses is probably hydrogen liberated by photo-disassociation of water which is where much of our hydrogen is tied up. Heavier molecules such as CO2 get held by gravity.
One future scenario for the Earth is to become Venus like, perhaps as soon as a billion years. The Sun gets hotter over its lifetime due to increasing percentage of helium from fusion increasing density, eventually the oceans boil which means lots of water vapor causing a runaway greenhouse effect. Limestone and other carbon sinks liberate their carbon due to the heat which combines with the oxygen which is released by the water vapor being photo-disassociated causing lots of CO2 and adding to the greenhouse effect. Plate tectonics stop due to no water to act as lubricant. Internal heat becomes more equal and convection stops around the core which shuts down the magneto. Eventually the interior heat melts the crust, lots of volcanism which releases more carbon and we're now Venus like.
One possible way that Venus became the way it is now is the above. Possibly life existed before the run away greenhouse effect kicked in and it is also possible the magneto starts up periodically on Venus after a resurfacing event cools down the upper mantle and convention restarts. Be interesting to know more about the interior of Venus.
There's also Titan, closer to the Moon in size and slightly higher atmosphere pressure (mostly nitrogen) then Earth, lots of variation out there and much we don't know.

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Canada has a right wing government, the libertarians teamed up with the moral police types so they have to pretend that they aren't spending massive amounts of money on surveillance to half their base and that the only spending they're doing is to put the godless in jail to the other half of their base. It's easier to please the libertarians if they can hide how much surveillance they're using to enlarge our prison system and keep tabs on political undesirables such as the opposition parties..

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A lot of people are simply ignorant, as in uneducated and a common lack in education is how not to start a family when you're suffering raging hormones. Ignorance can be fixed with education but many people don't want other people getting educated due to religious and similar beliefs.
There are also those who due to circumstances beyond their control, have defective minds, a common one is fetal alcohol syndrome where some poor kid is born to an alcoholic mother and their brain just does not work properly. In the worse cases they can't do simple math. Should we continue to punish these unfortunate souls?

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That was the original idea of the minimum wage, just enough to own a home and have a small family. If you wanted luxuries and/or savings then you had to make more money which was how it worked as most good jobs just needed experience. The old cliche of starting out in the mail room and ending up as VP used to happen and for others it was being an assistant or dumb labourer and then an apprentice and eventually a tradesman.
Since then the wage gap has widened, the cost of living has gone up much faster then inflation and now minimum wage isn't even enough to support one person in many places.

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I used to pick apples and made about $200 on a good day, average was about $150 a day, probably about 10 hours work, it was all contract work. Of course that was over 30 years ago. Now they import Mexicans and others from Central America, pay them $15 an hour plus lodging, plus airfare, plus the fees to get them temporary visas. This is Canada where we never had illegals, felons and such driving the labour market down.
The real problem is that the middle men have this attitude that their wages should go up way faster then inflation because without them the apples won't get sold so there are whole classes of people who get paid more and more for doing the same job as they've always done and that money has to come from somewhere and since the lower classes are the least organized, their real wages drop.

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Everyone wanted to shoot incompetent officers. CBC radio has been running a series on WWI which is basically personal accounts of Canadian soldiers that were recorded some time back. What a horrid way that war was run, minimum training, useless actions and basically hell. Probably easy to find it online as most CBC radio programming is made available online.

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