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Comment: Re:Dropping a big selling point! (Score 1) 455

by drwtsn32 (#27578745) Attached to: Mozilla Mulls Dropping Firefox For Win2K, Early XP

It used to be that one of the big selling points of Mozilla/Firefox was that it could run on almost any OS! ....

What happened to all of that?

Not having to ensure compatibility with really old operating systems enables the developers to spend more time adding features and capabilities, for one.

The Pornographers vs. The Pirates 275

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the there-are-worse-leads-to-follow dept.
conq writes "BusinessWeek has a piece on how pornography is again leading the way and showing Holywood how to fight back against piracy. From the article: 'Some producers of porn are starting to share revenues from online movies with the distributors of their DVDs, who might otherwise feel endangered by digital distribution online. Bolder yet, one large studio is allowing fans who buy movies online to burn them from their computers onto DVDs, with some protections included, of course.'"

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