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Comment Subject's are dead. (Score 1) 228

"...driving one requires the ability to correctly predict what's going to happen far out ahead. That requires foresight and intuition that are difficult to program into computers."

Haven't we heard this before- with normal cars. Granted the physical characteristics are different, and hey PHYSICS, but what exactly makes driving a semi different than a car, as far as programming a computer to drive one? I would think that with increased stopping distances would mean farther forward camera's? or radar. Wider turns means wider camera's/radar. What "Foresight and Tuition" are required that are different from, say, driving a truck with a 5th wheel?

This kind of smacks of Unionism, which, yeah I'd be a little worried too.

Comment Re:orly? (Score 1) 50

No. Security is hard. Security in any system is just that, systemic and it's pervasive! Hence, fixing a hard coded admin password and default OPEN WiFi network has, righlty so, scared the beejesus out of this company- prompting them to do a full security audit of the code (hopefully.)

If you can't do the "simple" security fixes, there are far, far, worse security concerns lurking underneath- or in accounting, or maybe the front door to the company has this hitch in it where it doesn't lock just right.

Comment Re:Look around your home (Score 1) 117

...and who would even WANT a computer in their home?!

If you've ever purchased a house, you know as well as I that there are an assortment of parts for window shades, drawer pulls and knobs, or light fixture parts, that are made out of some plastic composite that are extremely difficult to source. But to be able to take a picture (or 3d panoramic vid, patent pending bitches). Now that really would be useful.

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