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Comment: Re: Of course. (Score 1) 749

by drunk_punk (#44015677) Attached to: Snowden Is Lying, Say House Intelligence Committee Leaders
You're kidding yourself if you think this will ever see a courtroom that the public/press will have access to. My guess is an intelligence oversight committee, or a big dark bottomless pit. One thing is for sure, we're still not goingto know the full scope of PRISM no matter what happens.

Comment: Re:Skils || Trades == Jobs (Score 2) 368

by drunk_punk (#43762153) Attached to: Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber
A good welder is worth his wieght in gold... Having been a plumber for a number of years, you can make a pile of money in trades, because at some point in your life you will be presented with the situation that you will need somebody in the middle of the night to come to you to fix something. And that individual will cost hundreds of dollars an hour. And you will pay the bill gladly.

Comment: duh (Score 1) 129

by drunk_punk (#43050475) Attached to: Hit the Wrong Button, Drone Goes Boom
You think some armchair-pilot cares, that's cute. It's not like he/she is sitting in the cockpit. The reason why these are cheap is beacause the human element has been taken out (to train a pilot is around $2M last time I checked, and it's been a decade.) So yeah, they're gonna crash more than manned flights. Who cares? You want the pilot to care? Sitting his/her ass in a manned jet is the only sure way to make that happen, and yes, that's expensive. It's easier/cheaper to train a mechanic to unbox another drone and screw the wings on...

+ - The world's first DIY 3D motion sensor (ala Leap Motion)->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The team of researchers develops world's first open hardware Leap Motion alternative. They are in the process of launching a Kickstater with their DIY 3D motion sensor called DUO 3D.

From their site: "The DUO Kit is the world's first DIY ultra precise 3D motion sensor and it's super fast. The DUO Kit is a low cost 3D motion sensor that anyone can build. Paired with a powerful API & SDK it provides companies, researchers and students the ability to create custom 3D interactive environments. We are in the process of launching our Kickstarter Project and are looking for contributors.""

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+ - Hydrogen Fuel made with Sunlight and Zinc->

Submitted by
gordona writes "Perhaps free energy or nearly free is on the way. A PhD student at the University of Delaware had demonstrated how that free hydrogen gas can be generated with sunlight, zinc oxide, and water. A chamber that holds the zinc oxide is heated by concentrating sunlight to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit which vaporizes the zinc. The zinc vapor can then be put into water which then reacts to form zinc oxide releasing hydrogen. It isn't stated how the zinc vapor is separated from the oxygen that is generated however and its not clear if the process is scalable."
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