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Comment: Re:flamebait (Score 2) 778

by druke (#35284064) Attached to: Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?

Agreed, what the hell is this?

Here's my try:

Slashdot: where did the quality go? Used to be, slashdot was the was the big geek hero, theshining knight that would drive geekry onto every desktop and kick bad old productivity to the curb. But now slashdot sucks. What's going on, are the typical trolls all that's left, or is the joke that is the random mod system is finally being shown for what it is.

my take:

Ubuntu has always been a gateway niche, and canonical has always used Ubuntu as a vehicle to make 'linux for human beings'. That is a nicer way of saying dumbed down linux.


slashdot has always sucked. It's not anything new.

Comment: Re:Is that you, Mr. Ballmer? (Score 1) 345

by druke (#33773744) Attached to: Minnesota Moving To Microsoft's Cloud
Updates all software. (any distro with repositories) Sanely configured user accounts (UAC is leaps and bounds, though) Sets up wifi/ethernet stuff (without having to go online for the drivers) sftp access, ssh for that matter I don't have to start IE up that one time to go grab Firefox/chrome. Also my linux desktop doesn't set my background black and constantly tell met hat my windows copy may not be genuine...

Comment: Re:"the fact that it is an overtly political blog (Score 1) 759

by druke (#33364472) Attached to: Does the GOP Pay Friendly Bloggers?
Exactly, and the other team does the same things. "Just say no republicans" (I could be considered a liberal).
The issue is that we have become afraid, terrified even, to agree with each other. Anything positive Obama is anti-american, anything anti-Obama is racist dribble.
Try this, talk issues
  • Government "Corruption"
  • Idiotic spending
  • Bad Tax policy

I think we can all agree that those are issues. No one will openly argue against getting rid of redundant programs, or political openness.
Everyone can talk about the issues; they can point out the problem. But no one is giving ideas on how to fix the ideas, or rather ideas are being introduced but we are so polarized that we refuse to discuss them for fear of breaking the line.

Comment: Re:Maybe they just haven't learned algebra yet (Score 1) 1268

by druke (#33241870) Attached to: US Students Struggle With Understanding of the 'Equal' Sign
agreed. article should read, %70 of middle schools kids don't know basic algebra. Middle school is 5th-8th grade. Algebra is core for 9th grade, but you can get it in 8th grade if you're in honors/ap math. I'm from Texas so I think I can speak for most of the nation :p when it comes to curriculum.

Comment: Re:Leaky Fawcet (Score 1) 129

by druke (#33212194) Attached to: Extreme Memory Oversubscription For VMs

You make it sound like this is some sort of conspiracy. Generally when you'd want to do something like this you would be doing VM servers anyways. they didn't do much (anything, actually) in the way of 'desktop programs' beyond X...

Why does this matter anyways, it's not the vm dev's job to fix memory leaks in openoffice. They have to go forward assuming everything is working correctly. Also, if they're all sharing the memory leak, it'd be optimized anyways :p

Comment: Re:Firefox is the most unstable program in common (Score 1) 366

by druke (#32734706) Attached to: Firefox 4.0 Beta Candidate Available

I would also point out that this crash information isn't available from some other browsers, so to say firefox is the most unstable is a bit silly if we don't have all the crash information.

To take the other end of the argument, you can't say that "flash crashes aren't firefox's fault" then turn around and say "I hope version x improves flash performance". In the end I would argue that most of the stability issues with these plug-ins are likely in the interface, so crashers could lie on either side of the aisle (and be fixed, sloppily, from both sides as well).

As far as os level memory allocation goes, in theory memory allocation is abstracted. In theory a software developer doesn't need distinguish where the resources are stored. There is theory then there is actually using C .

Comment: better summary: (Score 1) 1

by druke (#32530362) Attached to: Valve's Failed Experiment: Steam on the Mac

"There is a small bit of fault that lies with Valve. They really wanted their network to work on the Mac, but they didn’t try at all to “Apple-fy” their app

]They also did a somewhat poor job of porting the games as well – the overlay will sometimes refuse to work.

The only "failures" he details from Valve... seems pretty inane.

However, the biggest problem lies with Apple, and their refusal to let anyone else make their drivers for them. This is because Apple is a closed company, with a closed system...

damn you valve!
so... steam doesn't look like itunes, the overlay breaks (sometimes?), and the drivers aren't that great... way to fail Valve!

+ - Could North Korea be innocent?->

Submitted by Martin Hellman
Martin Hellman (1254284) writes "In the court of American public opinion, North Korea has been declared guilty of sinking the Cheonan and the only question is what sentence to impose on the rogue nation that committed this reckless act. But is the evidence sufficient, especially when a mistake could lead to a nuclear Korean War? A member of the commission investigating the incident who was removed at the request of the South Korean Defense Ministry has presented evidence questioning North Korea's guilt. This may or may not be another Gulf of Tonkin ruse leading to a needless war, but prudence and history would dictate carefully considering the evidence before taking action."
Link to Original Source
The Courts

+ - Court considering student web post punishments->

Submitted by crimeandpunishment
crimeandpunishment (1754306) writes "Is it a student's right to free speech or a school's right to discipline? A U.S. Appeals Court in Pennsylvania heard arguments Thursday on a case that could have far-reaching implications. The issue involves the suspension of two students, from two different Pennsylvania districts, for Web postings they made on their home computers. The students posted parody profiles on Myspace that mocked their principals. The American Civil Liberties Union argued on behalf of the students."
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