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+ - Usability Features in the Upcoming Beryl 0.2.0

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "The Beryl project has often been criticised as being nothing more than eyecandy for the sake of eyecandy. However, there are numerous features in Beryl which could improve usability and workflow. In this series of three articles, some of the new usability features in Beryl 0.2.0 are highlighted and explained (article I, article II, and article III)."

+ - Sequoia Voting Machine for $82

Submitted by nursegirl
nursegirl (914509) writes "Princeton computer science professor Andrew Appel bought 5 $5000 Sequoia electronic voting machines from a government auction site for $82 last month. He and his students may be performing the first security analysis by people who hadn't signed non-disclosure agreements with Sequoia Voting Systems. Appel says that thus far, the Sequoia voting machines appear to be more secure than the Diebold voting machines examined by another Princeton professor last year.

From the Article

Appel says the ROM chips inside are in sockets — not soldered to the board — and can be replaced in ten minutes by opening a door on the back of the machines and unscrewing a metal cover. With new chips, the machines could be reprogrammed to misreport votes, he says....Appel says he opened the machines with a key that came with them, and was able to easily access the machines' motherboards and memory chips to swap them out. But even without the key, a student of his was able to pick the lock in seven seconds.
United States

+ - Detroit and the Big "Two"

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Yesterday, "The Economist" reports, "Now Daimler, chafing at Chrysler's mounting losses and slumping market share, is contemplating divorce." Today, investors awoke to interesting news. Marketwatch reports that General Motors is discussing, with DaimlerChrysler, the terms for purchasing the entire Chrysler group. Decades earlier, Chrysler had purchased American Motors. Now, GM will likely purchase Chrysler."

+ - Spam Fighting: A Guide for the PHB

Submitted by
Kelson writes "Esther Schindler of CIO Magazine asked spam fighters and mail administrators a question: What's the one thing about spam fighting that you most want you boss to understand? The resulting article is Getting Clueful: Five Things You Should Know About Fighting Spam. Top of the list is the prime directive: Lose No Mail — followed up with the arms-race nature of the problem (split into two points), basics of email technology, and understanding that spam isn't just an annoyance, it's a business. The findings should come as little surprise to most readers here, but if you need to explain to your manager why you can't just set up a filter and walk away, this is a good place to look."

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