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Comment: Re:Put the word "Wikipedia" in quotes like me... (Score 1) 155

by drquoz (#31815222) Attached to: Aussie Tech-Focused Wiki Launched
I know right? This is hardly news. Everyone and their brother has a wiki these days. There's a Star Wars wiki, a Muppets wiki, a Harry Potter wiki, a Lost wiki, a Spongebob wiki, and a host of others dedicated to other "verticals." Whoever wrote the article summary is a few years behind.

Comment: Re:There must be something more (Score 2, Interesting) 323

by drquoz (#30086976) Attached to: MPAA Shuts Down Town's Municipal WiFi Over 1 Download
Wow, you have no clue about Coshocton. It's actually a pretty nice town. I've watched it grow a lot over the years, but even back in the day I wouldn't call it a pathetic poor hick town. I'd liken it more to Mayberry than Podunk. BTW, do you have any American flags? Chances are they came from Coshocton's Annin & Co, the nation's oldest and largest flag manufacturer.

Comment: Re:125 MORE years until the US gets time... (Score 1) 429

by drquoz (#29822405) Attached to: 125 Years of Longitude 0 0' 00" At Greenwich
Actually, linguists don't consider any language easier or harder than any other, but rather that they are all equal in structural complexity. Also, English has plenty of rules and follows them more closely than you might realize. If word order didn't matter, then you could naturally say "to my mother often talk I" and people would understand you without having to think about it. English is more analytic than one might think.

I strongly encourage you to take a linguistics class. You'd really learn a lot. It certainly has corrected a lot of my own misconceptions.

Comment: Re:nice... (Score 0, Flamebait) 711

by drquoz (#27388839) Attached to: Is That "Sexting" Pic Illegal? A Scientific Test
Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, tries to present herself as adult enough to design her own clothing line and publish an autobiography. She should have known that as a famous celebrity, putting risque photos of herself on the Internet would come back to haunt her. However, I haven't seen any charges filed against her, and according to the descriptions, the girls in this case didn't do anything worse than her.

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