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Comment: Re:I would never give Home Depot my address... (Score 1) 99

by drphilngood (#48330841) Attached to: Home Depot Says Hackers Grabbed 53 Million Email Addresses
That's one of the reasons that I find to be indispensable. It allows you to create throwaway email addys at a moments notice and if you include the name of the site in the newly created email, you can easily delete the email and never visit their site again. Mailnull's spam filters are superb, as well. Can't ask anything more from a free service.

President Signs Law Creating Copyright Czar 555

Posted by kdawson
from the ip-con dept.
I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "President Bush has signed the EIPRA (AKA the PRO-IP Act) and created a cabinet-level post of 'Copyright Czar,' on par with the current 'Drug Czar,' in spite of prior misgivings about the bill. They did at least get rid of provisions that would have had the DOJ take over the RIAA's unpopular litigation campaign. Still, the final legislation (PDF) creates new classes of felony criminal copyright infringement, adds civil forfeiture provisions that incorporate by reference parts of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, and directs the Copyright Czar to lobby foreign governments to adopt stronger IP laws. At this point, our best hope would appear to be to hope that someone sensible like Laurence Lessig or William Patry gets appointed."

This is now. Later is later.