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Comment: Re:Yeah, I feel ya (Score 1) 111

by drougie (#37573402) Attached to: Nokia Consolidating Locations, Laying Off 3500 More Employees

I'm sorry, AC. Good luck. Maybe try to start up a thing ushering people to the cloud. Not much start-up investment, good chance you can handle it, not saturated yet, and you just need to know a few people to talk into letting you do it for them, then one client leads to more and eventually you're in the black again. Maybe.

Comment: Re:Even paranoiacs have enemies. (Score 5, Interesting) 254

by drougie (#36643700) Attached to: FBI Wiretapped Hemingway

He was bipolar, with paranoid delusions most amplified during mixed episodes (happy and not happy psychosis in the same package -- a bad trip).

And you're right, that he was a manic depressive with persecutory delusions and that he was indeed being spied upon by law enforcement doesn't mean he wasn't nuts -- obviously the case in Hemingway's case. Maybe it was self-fulfilling.

Comment: Re:It's spamming Google Trends / Suggest / Instant (Score 2) 236

by drougie (#35240076) Attached to: New Android Malware Robs Bandwidth For Fake Searches

Yeah search master? You sure it's not using Baidu?

From the source..

After few http requests sent back and forth, it gets a URL to connect in the background (in this case analyzed):

Comment: Maybe not so distributed. (Score 2, Interesting) 870

by drougie (#34369094) Attached to: WikiLeaks Under Denial of Service Attack

This may have been a Slowloris DoS attack by some patriotic 2600 guy, not necessarily a massive coordinated multinational assault. That perl script is effective on threading web servers including Apache. I just tested it out, took down my badass 100mbps server (just the web server stalling up until the script is aborted) with a dinky server on a DSL line just by opening up a bunch of TCP sockets really really slowly, using less than 20KB/s. That's Tor friendly.

Then I installed mod_qos, tried to attack myself again, no slowdown, problem solved.

If this attack gets the right amount of attention it could turn a lot of people on (4channers mainly who are yapping up Slowlaris as their replacement for LOIC) to DoSing with this software. So for those of you using Apache, you may want to fire up mod_qos (Apache2 instructions). Actually you may want it regardless for general performance purposes.

Comment: Re:As I recall (Score 1) 417

by drougie (#34208438) Attached to: Palin E-Mail Snoop Gets Year In Prison

I gotta say, hacking a high-profile politician's email account (ESPECIALLY when they are running for vice president, which means everything of theirs is being watched 24/7) is a really stupid idea. There's pretty much no way you can get away with that nowadays...

clearly you don't fully appreciate the seductiveness of epic lulz for which this was done

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson