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Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 1) 116 116

* Because destruction free techniques like laser ablation are base on high local fields

* because a 1ps pulse spreads over 10^12 Hz bandwidth, which may be useful if you want to have "more white" light (but this pulse is actually not very short)

* because pump-probe techniques depend on short pulses. If you additionally need a strong pulse, higher power may come in handy

* I also imagine it could be an advantage for generating plasma.

Comment Tell me (Score 1) 91 91

how i can disable MMS. In the whole last 9 years when the phones i used supported MMS, i think i used the feature 3 times:
* one time for test
* two times to receive a train ticket (now they switched to internet+app)

I have no clue why i should use MMS. I use SMS a lot (since it works with all phones).

no need for this feature.

Comment Probably (Score 1) 128 128

I am over 40, the main exposure in question should be Caesium 137, and 20km around the reactor AFAIU no foods are grown.

Taken my average lifespan, the expected difference between the area in question and areas further away/areas where i lived/the exposure we all got in 70s and 80s, i dont see any objective reason against it.

Comment VMs? (Score 1) 267 267

I think the reasonable way to handle such things is: donâ(TM)t allow the user to go to additional websites, but give them pixels-and-mouse only access to VMs in some cloud, the sate of which is thrown away after the session (and important data explicitly saved to an temporary drive, where you can run all the checks which you like.)

Comment Fascinating (Score 1) 410 410

How fast some LGQBT woud use predjudices to bias assumptions over the causality of independent events to a macroscopic economic development which they donâ(TM)t like.

Seriously, i would have expected more tolerance and unbiased views of a group who suffered intolerance and biased views much too long.

Any heterosexual who would complain that homosexuals are served or mainly served in some bars in his neighbourhood would be quickly seen as the idiot he is. A bar/restaurant/pub is a service. It is fine with me if they specialize for a specific group, and as long as they donâ(TM)t stop me from entering based on my religion, sexual orientation or skin colour, they can do whatever they want.

The idea that LGBQT need "special" parts of the towns to thrive and survive is utterly stupid and disgusting.

Comment Re: How much you got? (Score 1) 184 184

The point in real life is not about being buggy, but about providing workarounds, solutions and prompt support for bugs. In the meantime i actually like companies who focus on the most important bugs and leave the rest alone.

(e.g. i am a heavy matlab user for 15 years, and my best times with ML were the ones where they only focused on the things which made it crash; my worst times with ML were the ones where they "fixed a fundamental problem".

Comment Wow. (Score 2) 21 21

What are you guys talking about?

a) Tools which generate schematics from functional descriptions have been around for some time.

b) Block-level graphical editors for devices have been around for some time

c) The assumption that the difficult part about engineering an electronic device is drawing the final diagram, is IMHO a complete misunderstanding of the topic. The best we can get from this is the hardware equivalent of the myriad of badly written Javascript and PHP combinations of pseudo-code-moneys who believe that knowing the fundamentals of CompSci is not needed.

Comment As a Java/C/Python Multiplatform Programmer. (Score 1) 250 250

No. Its not an the decline. It's a rock solid language and in a few cases i had to bind complex functionality on windows systems in a controlled way, and used C# and it was a very good experience. I donâ(TM)t see any reason that the language will decline soon. maybe it wont have explosive growth, but Java did neither grow from one day to the next.

Comment That must be a joke. (Score 1) 1067 1067

I take that the OP is neither a mathematician nor a physicist (as i am). NaN is a reasonable "Default" value for 1/0, and has the advantage that it propagates without you checking for it.

A physical or engineering simulation which divides by 0 should return NaN or terminate.

And yes, the serious reason would be that if an engineer uses ANSYS to validate if the bridge is structurally stable, i donâ(TM)t want that some asshat intentionally accepts bad meshes (i.e. meshes with "empty/zero sized cells" without errors.)

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