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+ - Nvidia teases ARM-based CPU for desktops, servers->

Submitted by J. Dzhugashvili
J. Dzhugashvili writes: Today at CES, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shocked attendees by announcing Project Denver, a "high performance ARM core" designed in-house at Nvidia. Project Denver will include both a next-generation ARM-based processor component and a graphics processor on the same silicon. Huang gave strong hints that a yet-to-be-announced version of Windows will run on the chip, too.
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+ - Ubuntu Linux dumps for Unity on Wayland->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu will move away from the traditional display environment to Wayland — a more modern alternative. The move means there is now little reason for GNOME developers to recommend Ubuntu as an operating system.
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+ - Apple OSX 10.7 Lion on the cards-> 2

Submitted by Stoobalou
Stoobalou writes: Apple is sending out invites to a media event on October 20th which will, if we are reading the right runes, announce a new version of the outfit's grown-up operating system.

Apple seems to have conceded that the Mac operating system has been somewhat neglected of late with all of its efforts focussed on iOS4 and its shiny new devices, labeling the invite with an utterly un-enigmatic 'Back to the Mac' tag line.

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Ars Technica: Mono 2.8 released with full support for C# 4.0->

From feed by feedfeeder

The Mono project, which produces an open source implementation of the .NET runtime, has released version 2.8. The update brings full support for version 4.0 of the C# programming language, substantial improvements to the optional LLVM-based Mono backend, and a new garbage collection implementation that is more efficient.

Mono was originally created to accelerate Linux application development and enable Windows developers to bring some of their existing code and skills to the Linux platform. The focus of the project has expanded in recent years as Novell has explored ways to monetize the underlying technology. Mono is increasingly viewed as a compelling tool for supporting rich embedded scripting in applications and bringing C# to environments where it wouldn't otherwise run.

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+ - OpenOffice Forked As LibreOffice->

Submitted by dkd903
dkd903 writes: Today the OpenOffice community made a big decision to break away from Oracle and have formed The Document Foundation. This means that the previous OpenOffice community will now be known as “The Document Foundation” and the software suite will be known as LibreOffice, for now. They have also invited Oracle to become a partner of the foundation and to donate the OpenOffice brand.
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+ - Intel cofirms HDCP has been "cracked"->

Submitted by tkrotchko
tkrotchko writes: Fox news is reporting that Intel has confirmed that the rumored "crack" of HDCP is real, although based on this sketchy news report it implies someone has derived the private key for HDCP which now allows people to create devices that will allow HDCP content to be decrypted without the permission of Intel and the media conglomerates. As of this moment, no one is aware of an actual device making use of this master key.

It is curious that Intel would confirm the key is genuine, since they own this technology and charge for its use.

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+ - Oracle Sues Google for Infringing Java Patents->

Submitted by
Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens writes: "Oracle has brought a lawsuit against Google claiming that Google has infringed patents on the Java Language, presumably in Android. We don't have the text of the lawsuit yet. But there's a patent grant that should allow Google to use Java royalty-free. Has Google failed to meet the terms of the grant?"
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Comment: So a secure comparison algorithm would be.. (Score 2, Insightful) 304

by droidix55 (#32932542) Attached to: OAuth, OpenID Password Crack Could Affect Millions
Say you have two hashes
  1. break each into an array of integers, create a result array with the same size
  2. XOR the two arrays containing the hashes into the result array
  3. OR all of the ints in the result array together
  4. if the result is 0 then the authentication is successful

Would that work?

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