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Comment: Android (Score 1) 442

by drmacinyasha (#36891582) Attached to: The Rise of Git
Another major push for Git: It's used by Google for Android (Google uses Gerrit Code Review rather than regular pull requests) and has subsequently been used by many Android development teams (such as CyanogenMod) even if not for Android ROMs themselves, but just for apps and whatnot.

And yes, Github makes it incredibly easy to get large groups collaborating together on projects using Git. No doubt about that.

+ - New Android Malware Attacks Custom ROMs->

Submitted by
drmacinyasha writes: "Today Lookout disclosed a new form of Android malware found in Chinese markets which attacks third-party firmwares (ROMs). By using permissions granted to apps which are signed with the same private keys as the ROM itself, an app can update itself or install and uninstall other apps without user interaction. Most third-party ROMs use the private keys included in the Android Open Source Project, making them vulnerable to this attack. Last month's release of CyanogenMod 7.0.3 (and all subsequent builds) included an "important security fix" which a team member confirmed protects users against this vulnerability by preventing applications signed with the platform key to be installed to user or app-controlled storage."
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Comment: Re:Don't forget VMWare and Citrix (Score 1) 444

by drmacinyasha (#36293658) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Certifications To Get?

On a side note, why would you bother with an A+ or Network+ and just not focus on getting your NA and then the others?

I'm only a sophomore in college right now. Need to get something to shove my foot in those ever-closing doors other than "lots of experience working with CyanogenMod and running one of the most popular android mirroring sites". For most recruiters, that'll go over their head. A pair of certs on the other hand, will at least catch somebody's eye.

Comment: Cisco and Microsoft (Score 1) 444

by drmacinyasha (#36293120) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Certifications To Get?
Cisco, Microsoft, and even Red Hat certs are worth getting if you're heading towards sysadmin or networking jobs. I'm looking to get my A+, Network+, CCNA, CCNP, and eventually CCIE, in that order. Probably get a Microsoft cert somewhere along the lines. "If you're in the networking field, and you've got a CCIE, nothing else matters. Your chances of getting the job triple, at least, the second the employer sees that on your resume," is what I've been hearing from every senior network tech I've talked to in the past few years.

Comment: Re:Cyanogenmod is great! Except... (Score 1) 118

by drmacinyasha (#36205832) Attached to: CyanogenMod: the History of an Android Hack
It's not that the team stops supporting the device. It's that there's no device owners who want to step up and maintain the device. Look at the Hero GSM; its maintainer went and got a new phone, and stopped caring about the Hero, so it was dropped. Dream/Sapphire was dropped because it was too much of a headache to maintain, and the rest of the team would rather focus their time on newer devices like the G2x. Developers are free to come forward and be maintainers. But those who port CM7 to unsupported devices haven't come forward, and tend to make code edits which break CM on every other device. Or they're just greedy and don't push their changes to Gerrit.

Comment: Failed already (Score 1) 346

by drmacinyasha (#33467822) Attached to: Anti-Google Video Runs In Times Square
So for this list to work, you'd have to have a database of people on the list. That defeats the purpose right there. On top of that, you'd have to have some way to mark yourself as a person on that list, while you're browsing. That mark would then have to alert the web servers and whatnot, which would create log entries, which would have to include a unique identifier of that flag. Again, defeating the point. So by putting yourself on the list, you just let Google and everyone else track you better. How about you do what people already do: Incognito/Private Browsing, wipe cookies/cache, and wear tinfoil hats.

+ - CyanogenMod 6.0 Released In To The Wild 8

Submitted by Jeagoss
Jeagoss writes: CyanogenMod is the leading open source replacement ROM for Android based phones. With the 6.0 release, a targeted 8 models of phones have been hit with version 2.2 (Froyo) of Google's Android operating system for mobiles. Have a rooted phone? Been wanting a reason for rooting your phone? Head on over to and check out the forums. I think you'll be quite surprised.

Comment: Re:Silly me (Score 1) 539

by drmacinyasha (#32830166) Attached to: Sidestepping A-to-D Convertors For Town Government's Cable TV?
For broadcast/OTA, yes. For cable, mostly no. Comcast's just now figuring out to get their heads out of the sand and realize that by forcing everyone to go digital, they can suck more money out via box rentals, help the electric companies, and get less complaints about their series of tubes being clogged by many internets.

Comment: Short and sweet: YES. (Score 1) 539

by drmacinyasha (#32829926) Attached to: Sidestepping A-to-D Convertors For Town Government's Cable TV?
Believe it or not, we've had almost the same situation where I work; a little city just outside Sacramento. Comcast changed everything from analog to digital, except for local stations, and then even those went to digital. Eventually, our IT department got Comcast to come out and install a device in each of our buildings that will rebroadcast all of the digital channels as analog via the building's wiring. That, or the IT department has something else going on that I don't know about (despite that I'm the person in Facilities who runs all the cabling for when they installed the black box... Which just /had/ to be in the server room, rather than in the closet where Comcast's cable comes in, which we later found was BS and just a means for the IT admin to try and exercise control over everyone.) So to answer your question: Yes, Comcast does have the device to do this. They're just being retarded about giving it to you, or perhaps they "don't have it" in your market.

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