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by drkoemans (#47180969) Attached to: AT&T To Use Phone Geolocation To Prevent Credit Card Fraud
That is fine and dandy for in person B&M transactions but the vast majority of my purchases are online. I think your ringing those death bells a little too early on that industry. It won't look the same in 10 years but the phone isn't the answer for everything. Frankly good riddance. The less crap I have to carry on me the better.

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by drkoemans (#46871459) Attached to: Yahoo To Produce Sci-Fi Streaming Sitcom

I think the idea is they will be exclusive to the xbox marketplace/video service thing they have. One of the programs is the documentary on unearthing the Atari E.T. cartridges.

"The first round of Xbox Originals will contain a healthy variety of shows, from the futuristic teen drama about robots "Humans," to the steampunk Western "Deadlands" (based on the tabletop role-playing game of the same name), to the street soccer documentary "Every Street United." Other programs included "Winterworld," "Gun Machine," "Extraordinary Believers" and "Food Show."

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by drkoemans (#46650427) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

The process of dubbing in audio, which we know happens frequently, is the problem. It's always a lie.

Audio/Video editor speaking here. Lies, I believe, have to be conscious. Tweaks often happen in post production because there is an issue with the original footage such that the original audio track has to be recreated. This is frequently done in film and is called "looping." On set you record pre and post roll audio to capture the room noise just so you can match this looped audio with the original environment. This is just one example.

I can easily see the editor in his booth working with the assets he was given thinking that the audio from live shot lacked engine noise for whatever reason. Unfamiliar with the Tesla, he didn't realize an electric only makes road noise. Just ask yourself this, what is the advantage of adding engine noise? I know the editor thought it would make the footage more dynamic and LIKELY thought there was a problem with the sound track. There is no great conspiracy here.

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The issue is that your choice is not in isolation. I'd love for you to have the choice to wear a helmet or not but the reality is post-accident resources will be on your survival and additional insurance liabilities related to your death. That is a cost the rest of us have to bear. Obviously this is not unique to helmets, we see this same conversation in the healthcare space with regards to smoking and obesity as well. The question being "why should society cover the added costs of high risk individuals?" I fall on the side of individual choice but to assume your actions (and mine as well) don't have an impact on everyone else is ignorant at best. I believe the statistics have spoken and you are at greater risk of injury without a helmet though I don't have a citation to back that up.

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Troll seems a little harsh for this comment. I am a die hard Amazon Prime user but you will find that the identical item that ships without prime is often $3-4 cheaper before shipping and about the same with. The difference though is that Prime is 2 day and the alternative is UPS ground or worse. So no, it isn't free, it is premium shipping discounted but that hardly reads as well on the advert. It also doesn't scale with size. All Prime items ship at a flat rate where UPS ground has variables like weight, size and distance.

The discover card comment is a bit troll-ish but it is probably the least used of the 4 big names out there. However, because I am a cheapskate I know that people on deal websites love discover for the 5% cash back which I think is the best in the industry. Also Costco used to only accept Discover (now AMEX). I'm no shill, i don't even have a discover card.

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When there are thousands of cars driving around all the time it will be impossible to tell which is a good car and which is a bad car. Sure, the police may know, but we won't. Hell, even the police may not be able to tell the difference.

Imagine a few hundred cars filled with explosives driving from a mile away from the Super Bowl. How are you going to stop them in the short time it would take for them to get to the stadium?

Get my point?

I love technology as much as anyone here

But you love ludditism more.

I was about to type that up myself. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

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I asked bruce about this when I had an opportunity to meet him. He said his voice wasn't what it used to be and he has to mix up their set list each night and can only do one or two songs that really push his range. I saw them on the on last incarnation of the 7th son tour and he avoided "only the good die young" in order to do "moonchild" but apparently that changes in each town.

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I know when i think of powerful lyrics, my first thoughts go to "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter"

Bite the pillow, make no sound
If there's some living to be done
Before your life becomes your tomb
You'd better know I'm the one
Unchain your back door, invite me around

That is some quality writing right there

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And beyond being a pilot, he also owns an aircraft maintenance company Cardiff Aviation LTD. My wife works for Boeing in Seattle and he came to tour the facilities for the 787 and check out the new simulators they built for it. She personally escorted him around the few days he was here (after their concert) and said he is about the nicest guy she ever met. I told her to ask him if he was interested in starting a side project with me as an Iron Maiden cover band. He declined the offer. We're both huge fans (since the 80s, we're old). UP THE IRONS!

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Agreed. What Amazon has provided me is literally hundreds of hours over the past decade where I don't have to drive around town to find the item I want. I am the problem, if it isn't on Amazon, it doesn't exist to me. I'm sorry it is at the expense of local businesses, I still say that is fair trade for a substantial amount of my life back not sitting in car driving around traffic hell we call Seattle.

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Which is great. Like adding a settee to your living room, except bookstores to your city. It sounds like they are doing it backwards though. If I am an amazon customer in France but not in Paris, I want the cheapest price for a book. Why should I subsidize the decorations of the Parisians? You want book stores, make it like Disneyland and just have government owned storefronts to sell books as a facade. It doesn't matter if they turn a profit or not, they are decorations.

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