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Comment: Re:Done, and done well already. (Score 1) 65

... I don't see anything "novel" or even better than what we have had already. Maybe if fits a niche I'm not aware of or care much about.

I think the advantage here is that this could be used be someone freestanding in a VR space.

The 3Dconnexion type devices (and I use one) is, like a mouse or keyboard, for someone with a desk surface in front of them.

Comment: Re:kind of like a small town fireworks show? (Score 2) 200

by drkim (#47391911) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

about 600 tons of fireworks on New Years, the weight of about 5 adult blue whales

Thanks for a new unit of measurement: adult blue whales of fireworks. Comparing fireworks to adult blue whales really helps make your number something I can relate to in my everyday life.

Good point.
Think of 600 tons as 27.3 Viking Longboats, each boat loaded with 160 Aardvarks.

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Submitted by drkim
drkim (1559875) writes "Shades of "Snow Crash"?

A number of schools have started using a program called CourseSmart, which uses e-book analytics to alert teachers if their students are studying the night before tests, rather than taking a long-haul approach to learning.

In addition to test scores, the CourseSmart algorithm assigns each student an “engagement index” which can determine not just if a student is studying, but also if they’re studying properly.

(BTW: We are holding a 'In Soviet Russia....' reference contest on this one, too.)"

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by drkim (#47042941) Attached to: Scientists Propose Collider That Could Turn Light Into Matter

I'm afraid I do not know how she determined the sodium mass increase in the BEC, and I was not in her lab at that time.
She mentioned the mass increase in correspondence.
I just found it interesting because of E=mc^2 implications.

I am aware that, in the case of this article, the stated goal was to create matter; whereas at her lab, it was more of a byproduct.

Comment: Re:Will computers ever be as smart as us? Briefly. (Score 1) 189

by drkim (#47027703) Attached to: Understanding an AI's Timescale

I hope they are nice to us.

They will probably just be frustrated by us:

Marvin: "I am at a rough estimate thirty billion times more intelligent than you. Let me give you an example. Think of a number, any number."
Zem: "Er, five."
Marvin: "Wrong. You see?"

Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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how many of your 100 friends have the hardware even remotely capable of true 4K playback...needless to say, this is a solution without a problem...)

Not really an issue... You don't have to deliver 4K to everyone now; just like how Youtube lets you screen selective resolutions.

A few alternatives:
In the future (probably not that far off) more of your friends will have 4K.

The 4K still looks better in the sample than the native 1080, even though we were viewing at 1080.

Also in the future, you will have 4K at home (even if you don't now) and you will be able enjoy your memories @ higher resolution. Just like how we can enjoy TV shows shot on film at a higher resolution now, than TV audiences did back when they were first broadcast.

Finally, If you shoot in 4K, you can crop into the video to feature or eliminate things, without losing too much resolution.

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