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+ - Reported Costs of Drug R&D Questioned->

Submitted by Alicat1194
Alicat1194 (970019) writes "When one of the world’s most extensive press operations, whose full-time staff of journalists write copy for editors, TV producers, government reports, and internet outlets, tells us over and over that the average cost for research (R&D) to bring a new drug to market is $1.32 billion, we assume that the pharmaceutical industry knows what it is talking about. However a new study published in the Journal of Health Economics, concludes that this cost was so subject to internal and external sources of variability that estimates based on it should not be trusted."
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+ - Advice on Creating HIPAA-compliant Websites?-> 2

Submitted by supahdren
supahdren (559625) writes "I'm an emergency medicine doctor who also has a fairly serious background in building database-backended websites. I'm currently creating an online system to track and follow-up on patients that I see so that I can close the feedback loop on diagnoses that I make and outcomes of treatments that I give. I'm worried, though, because the law that governs access to and retention of personal health information in the US, HIPAA, is obtuse and complicated, and I don't know if my final product will be compliant with it. Have any slashdotters built HIPAA-compliant websites before? What are the actual requirements? Any pitfalls to watch out for?"
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+ - HTC buys S3 Graphics->

Submitted by
jones_supa writes "The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has bought the graphics department of VIA Technologies, S3 Graphics. This $300 million dollar deal brings HTC the ownership of new patents and graphics visualization technologies. In addition to its traditional markets in PCs and game consoles, S3 Graphics’ texture compression technology is increasingly being applied to smartphones and tablets, HTC says."
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+ - WSJ: Google Makes Kids Cry

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "One week after the launch of Google+, the Wall Street Journal reports the search engine giant’s push into social networking continues to drive the conversation — rebranding beloved products one minute, making kids cry the next. Ten-year-old Alex, a very active Gmail user, lost his account after the Google+ Profile he created triggered a Google Terms of Service age violation. 'You made my son cry, Google,' wrote blogger Martin Sutherland. 'I'm not inclined to forgive that.' Sorry Alex and Martin, life doesn't always turn out like a Google Chrome commercial. Not to pile on, but Alex may also be persona non grata at Google-backed Khan Academy, where learning under the age of 13 can also constitute a TOS violation."

+ - Is there a new geek anti-intellectualism?-> 1

Submitted by
Larry Sanger
Larry Sanger writes "Geeks are supposed to be, if anything, intellectual. But it recently occurred to me that a lot of Internet geeks and digerati have sounded many puzzlingly anti-intellectual notes over the past decade, and especially lately. The Peter Thiel-inspired claim that "college is a waste of time" is just the latest example. I have encountered (and argued against) five common opinions, widely held by geeks, that seem headed down a slippery slope. J'accuse: "at the bottom of the slippery slope, you seem to be opposed to knowledge wherever it occurs, in books, in experts, in institutions, even in your own mind." So, am I right? Is there a new geek anti-intellectualism?"
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+ - AMD bringing back FX performance chips->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Recently AMD seems to have been focusing on its Fusion line and APUs that offer a lot of performance on a low power budget and price. At the same time Intel is offering up high-end Sandy Bridge Core processors and talking about Tri-Gate 3D transistors. But AMD has just been waiting for E3 to come around to announce it hasn’t forgotten about the high-end, performance-hungry end users out there--the FX brand is making a comeback. If you are after a gaming rig with AMD parts then the FX label is what you need to look for. The first FX product will be called "Scorpius" and combines an unlocked 8-core processor, 6000 series Radeon HD graphics card, and AMD 9-series chipset."
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+ - Sony to end PlayStation Network Outage->

Submitted by Hkibtimes
Hkibtimes (1925918) writes "Sony Corp. said it has begun restoring its online PlayStation video game network on Sunday, to end its PlayStation Network (PSN) outage since the mid April 2011 that is expected to have fully restored by the end of May. Sony today said that some PSN services — including gameplay — are expected to come back online on Sunday. The phased restoration of services will begin in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East."
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+ - Why people watch instead of play Starcraft->

Submitted by generalepsilon
generalepsilon (2157710) writes "Researchers from the University of Washington have found a key reason why Starcraft is a popular spectator sport, especially in Korea. In a paper published last week, they theorize that Starcraft incorporates 'information asymmetry', where the players and spectators each have different pieces of information, which transforms into entertainment. Sometimes spectators know something the players don't: they watch in suspense as players walk their armies into traps or a dropship sneaks behind the mineral line. Other times, players know something the spectators yearn to find out, such as 'cheese' (spectacular build orders that attempt to outplay an opponent early in the game). Rather than giving as much information as possible to spectators, it may be more crucial for game designers to decide which information to give to spectators, and when to reveal this information."
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+ - Facebook PR Firm Edited Its Own Wikipedia Page->

Submitted by metasonix
metasonix (650947) writes "In the midst of all this week's flap about Facebook hiring notorious PR firm Burson-Marsteller to defame Google, I discovered something else: a Burson-Marsteller employee completely rewrote the firm's Wikipedia article to remove all the negative information. He did it openly, he violated a number of Wikipedia internal policies, another Wikipedia editor helped him, and no one was the wiser."
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