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Comment: Re:2-Butoxyethanol (Score 1) 289

There's absolutely no way on earth that one chemical can be used for more than one purpose.

Okay, now explain which other source of it is getting into the municipal water supply. We have time, we'll wait. And while you're at it, why don't you learn how to follow the conversation threads? This one is talking about whether fracking fluid is refinery waste, not about where the water contamination came from, try to keep up, kid.

Comment: Re:fear mongering (Score 1) 289

Why don't you just read the f*cking article? You know, the blue underlined thingy in the message you responded to? It's called a "hyperlink". Have you heard of it?

Yeah, that's how I found out that this stuff is a known carcinogen. Maybe you should try using google, have you heard of it? Because when you just swallow the first story you read, you're kind of a fucking moron. Do you fellate every corporation that promises you a better tomorrow?

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 43

by drinkypoo (#49628039) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas

They are a taxi comapny and should follow the law just like anybody else.

The question is whether those laws are just. On the other hand, Uber was providing additional insurance while the user was transporting a rider; all they would have had to do was comply with the rule saying that the insurance would be provided any time the app was active, and then also make it so that it was against their rules to activate the app for any purpose other than carrying fares so that people wouldn't be activating the app just to get free car insurance. Get it written into the policy, in fact, so that it's the rules of the insurer and not just Uber, so that the policy will stick. Then it becomes the driver's responsibility not to break the rules.

Instead, they pulled out of the market completely and threw a tantrum.

I still don't believe that you should have to have a taxi license to charge someone for a trip. They don't do what they are claimed to do, they are simply a means of grabbing cash and exerting control. If you want people to have to have a certain grade of insurance first, that's fine, but there should be literally no other restrictions. If you think vehicles need safety inspections, there's no reason whatsoever to restrict that to taxis. It should be for all vehicles or for no vehicles.

Comment: Re:99.9999% of sites have 1-3 servers per continen (Score 1) 43

There are about ten web sites in the world that could actually have servers in thousands of locations without going bankrupt.

You're hilarious. You don't even get how this works. You just use data centers located in population centers like always. In those population centers, there are more subscribers, so there is more available bandwidth.

We may need formal links between population centers. Just like roads, these would reasonably be public infrastructure.

Meanwhile, only CDNs really need to be hosted in these locations, so some websites' architectures will change slightly with the heavy content hosted by third parties and the rest not, but so what? That trend is proceeding apace anyhow.

+ - Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality

Submitted by drinkypoo
drinkypoo writes: We've been discussing the import of automation of over-the-road trucking here on Slashdot in fairly passionate terms whenever self-driving vehicles enter the conversation. Jalopnik reports that The Freightliner “Inspiration Truck” will be the first autonomous commercial truck to drive on American roads. The truck will be demonstrated today.

Comment: Stop enabling swap (Score 1) 78

it also seems to do well with low-memory systems (lots of the current models have just 2GB, which brings many Linux distros to a disk-swapping crawl), and starts up nicely quick.

I am in the midst of building a CarPC right now, as parts trickle in from far-flung regions of the globe, which is to say mostly HK. I'm saving my money for the display so it's a budget build based on a Boxer DA078L motherboard. I downgraded the processor to IIRC a X2 3800+ from a 3900+ because the specific processor model I ordered had almost 30W lower TDP, bringing the total system TDP down well under 100W which meant I could use a PicoPSU 120. I haven't tested my el cheapo 300W (headroom! which I will leave unused) boost-buck regulator yet, that's next. It has 2GB of RAM and I installed Kodibuntu, then installed navit. It comes with chromium and I am running the system on an 8GB CF card, currently in a USB adapter and soon in a SATA adapter. Maybe someday I'll buy it a real SSD but again, this is just a pocket change build based on something I had already. A $8 low-profile AM2/3 cooler is coming.

Why care? I can run Kodi and navit at the same time with no problems, using compiz as my window manager. and it can easily run chromium under LXDE. And I have no swap whatsoever. It would be dog-slow on my CF card (It's a "133X" Transcend, whatever that means) and I don't want to beat up my flash device anyway.

2GB is a lot of RAM. It seems like it isn't because of all the crap we run these days. But 2GB will actually go hilariously far if you use a limited desktop environment, or in fact none at all. If you just put the smallest Linux you can come up with (puppy?) into a partition with chromium, make init keep X running and make X keep chromium running, you'll have what you're looking for. I presume the only reason to want this is to have it as a multiboot option, since as others have said, if you wanted an actual chromebook you would have bought one. To come back around to my long introductory paragraph, I installed Kodibuntu when I wanted automotive navigation. That seems dumb, but it makes sense in the view of trying not to buy stuff. I also wanted more CPU power and didn't care about GPU power, so it made sense to me not to buy a Pi 2 and use a turnkey solution. (That's where I got the pointer to the skin I'm using.)

Comment: Re:disable swap (Score 1) 78

As you said, swap isn't needed so much, but there are still good reasons to have some around.

There's only one: you have very little RAM. Then you may well need to use some swap to get a modern browser running well enough to hit newegg or eBay and buy some RAM.

Besides the usual graceful degradation argument

No. Swap causes graceless degradation. It's not so bad if you have SSD or hybrid disk, because it can handle seeking all over hell when it happens. But it's better to just let the OOM killer murder the out-of-control application. Save early, save often.

it can be particularly handy for portables as a suspend partition.

There's nothing wrong with a suspend file. You could make the argument that it's possible to fill up the disk to the point where there's no room for one, but that's a feature. The computer can inform me that it cannot suspend, and let me know why. I can then decide what to do about it.

Swap was awesome back when RAM was expensive. RAM is now really cheap and you can do a hilariously huge amount of stuff with just a couple gigabytes of it and no swap. With four gigabytes of it I can run my database, map, and pbx servers in their own full-fledged VMs on top of a machine already providing other services... and still have room left over to run a Windows XP VM for automotive manuals. Now swap is just stupid, unless you know you have a specific use case where it won't unacceptably degrade performance. And frankly, if it helps you, it's probably because someone allocated a lot of memory they weren't using.

Comment: Re:Like multiplayer? (Score 1) 87

by drinkypoo (#49625185) Attached to: GOG Announces Open Beta For New Game Distribution Platform

I think uPnP is cool. Obviously, so do malware authors, but I still think it's cool — if you do gaming on windows. And that's where most of the action is... It'd probably be wise to turn it off when not using it, though. I never save firewall rules automagically, so it would be easy to fire the firewall script when terminating it and know that something sensible would happen.

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