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If you require Javascript, you are incompetent or evil

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  • How about they just don't care about you? If their third-party ads don't display without JS, then they may be thinking that you can enable javascript or you can go somewhere else. Welcome to the business web. Where have you been hiding?

    • by drinkypoo (153816)

      Yes, those are the only options, because third-party ads which don't display without JS are almost uniformly evil.

    • by dougmc (70836)

      What if it's content that actually benefits from javascript? [] (I guess they *could* make a version that doesn't use javascript to stitch the tiles together and does it all server-side. It would have greatly reduced functionality, but it could be done.) [] (an Apple ][ emulator in javascript)


      • by drinkypoo (153816)

        What if it's content that actually benefits from javascript?

        If it can't be done without javascript, then you have a good excuse. The Apple 2 emulator falls in this category. Maps, not as much. As you say, they could definitely implement a tiling mapserver without javascript in the client. Mapserver already does this! Of course, all the typical mapserver interfaces are javascript-based, but not all of them, and mapserver itself has no dependence on javascript.

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