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Comment Re: Well, she was an interim. (Score 0) 467

Socialism inherently institutes totalitarianism because what if brother comrade X chooses to either not work or not work well. Capitalism innovated society by relying on laws that apply to everyone to dictate the rules for negotiating commerce. If I live under a socialist society and I decide I'm better off feeding off society what's my incentive to work other than coercion? Under capitalism I can just assume I'll eat less. Socialism brings out the worst in humans, which is the inherent urge to enslave others.

Comment Re: Well, she was an interim. (Score 0) 467

If you go to the store and purchase something, logically that is your property.

The main argument you're trying to suggest is that Republicans emotionally cling to their own property. I think that's inherent in sociology. Countries that have attempted to distort that inherent human interest have created less efficient humans (they'd rather not measure the decline in labor but China has dropped it's communal property strategies).

People get emotional when logic isn't available to support their opinion. It's all about the efficient use of labor. We can have six people who work for the Federal government watch one person who makes a billion. Imagine if those six people don't have Federal jobs and decide to innovate and hire others? Suddenly our economy starts to improve.

Comment Obvious (Score 0) 281

Because anthropomorphic global climate change activism was never actually about reversing the natural ebbs and flows in the planet's climate. It always was about a global political and economic system that is totalitarian in nature and socialis in economics.

Comment GOOD! (Score 1) 394

University research funding is pretty straightforward, corporations, non-profits, and governments contribute money for research that supports their agenda. What's a little trickier is consulting fees paid to researchers. I think if we were to evenly investigate every climate scientist the climate alarmists would be the dirtier ones.

Comment Re:Greeks Act Like Children (Score 1) 328

I have never read anything that hypothesized that poor Greece tried to leave the Euro but mean Europe made them borrow and keep overspending. Why would Greece ever choose to leave their sugar momma? The politicians in Greece scapegoated other countries to cover their failed socialist policies. Greece is going to have a hard reality when they aren't propped up by stable, fiscally responsible countries.

Comment Re:Greeks Act Like Children (Score 1) 328

They cannot devalue the Euro any further. Real economics is not a laboratory so politically simple answers like devalue their currency does not work. Switzerland has already caught into the game and other countries would equally meet the Euro in devaluing their currency if it were so simple.

How does asking Greece to stop spending so much encourage them to spend more? They explicitly signed onto fiscal responsibility when they joined the Euro. The Euro has clear deficit thresholds which Greece violated.

Let's get something else straight. Greece is not a victim for Germany borrowing them money to save the Euro. Germany probably makes very little export sales to dead broke Greece already and Greece continues to hold Germany's fiscally responsible currency in a choke hold demanding more money

You don't get a man out of debt by lending more money to him and forcing him to accept it while following specific terms on how to make use of it.

Oh really? I thought that's exactly how borrowing worked regardless of Greece somehow being coerced into not meeting their huge payroll: 1. Person borrows money 2. The person giving the money sets terms and conditions on how the money is used and when it is paid back.

Greece is incapable of realizing that their form of socialism has not worked. They need free market reforms and a reduction in government. Even if they leave the Euro they cannot devalue their currency enough to fix their problems. Ask the Weimar Republic. I can't believe ninety year old failed policies are coming back into vogue. At least Germany remembers.

Comment Re: This doesn't sound... sound (Score 1) 328

There is no more tax to be collected. Greece has suffered a liquidity drain because they aren't trusted to control their finances. Increased taxes on a dead economy only creates more inefficiencies, black markets, and lost revenue. Greece has only one option. Stop spending. Cancel pensions, eliminate most the government employees, enact free market liberalization. Greece won't do this so mommy Germany is going to have to finally cut their losses and shut off the trust fund.

Comment Greeks Act Like Children (Score 1) 328

So I've heard that the Greeks haven't enjoyed austerity. What they really don't like isn't austerity, it's living within their means. I hope Germany finally cuts out it's problem child. No economist in the world can save Greece from itself. Greece can't save itself from stopping austerity. That's like blaming your doctor for telling you to stop drinking with liver psoriasis. There are good and bad economists. Bad economists think they can control or even foresee the economy. A good economist whispers in the government's ear that they aren't immortal and can't fight market theory.

Comment Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 1) 468

Unfortunately I feel your good idea would not be used to separate the legitimate need to enforce the speed laws compared to finding a way to raise more revenue. They'd probably keep the same amount of police officers and then raise another speeding department. Thus contributing to added expense and bureaucracy and forcing the speed department to justify their positions with increased ticketing.

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