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Comment: Re:The Free Market has the Technology Now (Score 1) 218

by drfred79 (#47599885) Attached to: The Great Taxi Upheaval
The United States Court System is already designed to deal with this. Without, sadly, multiple regulatory bodies. Let's say the Highway Patrol Service determines the cause of the death, which they should. The family of the deceased can file a lawsuit for the defective part. During the discovery phase the truth would come out way faster than the crack team of sleuths at the NHTSA finished their four star dinner with GM executives. Regulation breeds complacency and false security. Regulators are fallible. Who knows what society has lost ( better gas mileage, faster cars, real electrics!) Because of the NHTSA.

Comment: what's an iPad? (Score 0) 50

by drfred79 (#47579783) Attached to: Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay
Oh, I volunteered in a hospice and the octogenarian told me iPads are the coolest thing for people older than baby boomers. It's like a simpler, less useful version of an android tablet. Whenever I see a Kickstarter or product favour Apple over the other operating system that happens to obliterate the market it makes me cringe at the hypothetical stubbornness and lack of foresight that is necessary to develop for Apple.

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I'm going to go ahead and play devil's advocate. I hate them both. I use a local, small ISP that has it's own network and doesn't piggy back. They are awesome and I won't go back to horrible AT&T or Comcast.

But in the same breath if you asked me if I'd rather buy internet from a company that knows what they are doing or the bus driver I'd choose those two companies I hate. The reasons are partly unionization, which kills any figment of innovation, and is unfortunately inherent in government "service", and naivete. The dumbest, most ignorant, cities are the one's who think they are capable of all the steps necessary to run socialized ISP's.

My solution is to remind ourselves that we created this mess, not through too little government, but way too much. Google fiber has forced cities to weaken their archaic and crony laws. Magically, things got a little better. But unfortunately I'd argue it's still crony. Create a level playing field for all competitors, not just Google Fiber. If you deregulate it they will come. You don't even need to get the librarians who are well versed in the intertubes to run tech support either.

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