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Say what you want,..
  I watched my stepfather douse a 3 acre plot when our well ran dry, not only did he map the underground routes the water took, he found the best spot to dig, and was able to determine how deep it was within 6 inches, and that well NEVER ran dry, even in the dry-est of summers, as an engineer, I still marvel at this feat.


Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding 126

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DeviceGuru (1136715) writes Skully Systems has achieved Indiegogo funding for a high-tech Android 4.4 based motorcycle helmet with a head-up display (HUD), GPS navigation, and a 180-degree rearview camera. The Skully AR-1 helmet launched on Indiegogo on Aug. 10 and quickly blasted past its $250,000 flexible funding goal and has already surpassed $900,000 in funding. The helmet runs a heavily modified version of Android 4.4, with both screen size and safety in mind, according to Skully's Tow. 'You should not think of it as being Android as seen in a phone; it doesn't run the same skin,' wrote Tow on the Skully forum page. 'You instead should think of it as a variant of Linux, not Android per se. What counts is the device drivers, graphics rendering for our turn by turn directions and vehicle telemetry, etc. More nerdy things like communication over the I2C bus to the image processing module.' Helmets are available starting at $1,399, with shipments due in May 2015.

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by drewsup (#45417895) Attached to: Building an 'Invisibility Cloak' With Electromagnetic Fields

We have had this tech for over 40 years! Track Break Notch will do similar things by either walking a radar off you, or move your position according to what the radar can see.
The bigger problem is millimeter band radar, you need really funky waveguides to broadcast these as a normal antenna can't cope the small wave frequency.
The A6 from the Navy and the EF-111A from the USAF both could manage similar things to this, I can only hope they have managed to it smaller as the units for each section of bandwidth were the size of a small coffin, and you needed LOTS to cover the threat assessment for a given area.
Smells more like grant sniffing to me..

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