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Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 445 445

Most terrorist attacks in the US have been committed by christians frankly the islamists have only had a couple of successful attacks. In fact the US has killed more innocent US citizens than islamist have in the same time. In the UK you have more to fear from people who don't agree with you that a bit of biscuit changes to flesh or not when you eat it. One name shows that the US needs to fear military veterans and christians: Timothy James McVeigh Your argument seems to say that if you worship a zombie or shot a gun for your country you should get a free pass to kill who you want?

Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 445 445

Well define omnipotent and omniscient then if it's not the same as a dictionary. I guess this is how christians get to make up their own meaning for theory too. If you don't mean omnipotent just say very powerful, if you don't mean omniscient say very knowledgeable. Don't redefine words then get upset when the rest of the world carries on with the original definition.

Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 445 445

So, by injecting god you can make up any old shit. Are you really saying "God shares the same subjective tastes as me", and "I invoke god thus your science is invalid". Statistics are real, we have all seen them, So just why does one try to apply god to such a situation?

Comment: Re:root knows all (Score 1) 445 445

This is what always bothered my about prayer. If your god is omniscient, then they don't need you to tell them when someone is in need, which suggests that they are either incapable of helping, or unwilling. If god is omnipotent, then they are just unwilling to help. So you only need to pray to convince god to help. Does god only help after a certain number of prayers have been met, like some kind of spiritual kickstarter?

Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 445 445

The problem is, even with an infinite universe, not everything is possible. What do you define as a Christian? By Christian, do you mean - I don't believe a word of the bible, but I've got a vague spirituality and was born into a christian family, so I guess I'm christian. Do you have a list of the bits of the bible you have to take as fact and those that are allegorical? Why is one bit (earth is 6000 years old) unbelieveable, and another bit (God impregnated Mary) to be the cornerstone of the faith?

Comment: Re:Blank screen (Score 1) 327 327

Ugh, just because you can't think of a case where additional visual information can help you, doesn't mean you've perfected the art. Don't force your paucity of imagination onto others. What you mean is: "I lack the ability or imagination make a slide that improves my presentation, so I will hate them all."

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