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Comment: Re:You cannot tax a corporation (Score 1) 602

by drewlake2000 (#48522575) Attached to: UK Announces 'Google Tax'
Companies in this country, and the one in question (both the UK) do not have a sole obligation to provide a return for shareholders, to quote the FT ( "they must have regard to six specific factors: the long-term consequences of their decisions, the interests of employees, relationships with suppliers and customers, the impact of corporate activities on the community and the environment, the company’s reputation for high standards of business conduct and the need for fairness between different members of the company."

+ - Android | Windows 7,Cloud Computing,Virtualization,Wordpress,SEO,Google,Themes->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Best Android Web Browsers Those Support Voice Commands are quite funny, some opens the corresponding website as you speak, some have more features.
There are many websites which published one or two names, we have prepared the list of Best Android Web Browsers Those Support Voice Commands after searching,
installing and testing each and every applications."

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Comment: Re:Most torrents ARE 'piracy' (Score 1) 239

by drewlake2000 (#23116012) Attached to: BitTorrent Use Up 24% Since November

The industry always complains that they have lost $x million in sales but they do not allow for the fact that the vast majority of the downloaders would never buy what they downloaded?
How many people download copies of films, T.V. programmes and music that they already own in another format? I often wonder about the relative morality of this. It's possible to argue that you don't purchase a copy of the work, just a licence to consume. Between you and me it's much easier to nip across to TPB and grab a copy of something I own on vinyl than to copy the original into whatever format I want to use.

+ - MySQL vs PostgreSQL benchmarks

Submitted by spatialguy
spatialguy (951355) writes "Tweakers is a dutch community of online tweakers that are deciding on new hardware for their website and databases.
The link [] leads you to some stunning performance graphs on a 8-way opteron system.
It shows that not only postgresql 8.2 is faster then MySQL 5.0, it also scales much better on heavy loads.
The tweakers community are longterm MySQL users and were new to PostgreSQL. However they even brought in a MySQL/Solaris expert to configure it optimally.
Still PostgreSQL turned out to be the better dbms under heavy loads.
They are very thorough in their tests, are themselves MySQL users, and give insight in which optimizations they used to perform these tests.

Interesting is that they discovered a small issue in the stable release of postgresql 8.2 which was subsequently patched by the postgresql developers.
The version pg 8.2.1 did ship with these patches.
They also revealed issues with Solaris, which were investigated by Sun developers, who helped in configuring the Solaris installation.

This second link 2&productCatId=&Query=postgresql&x=0&y=0
will give you a search results page with links to many similar benchmarks on different architectures of MySQL vs PostgreSQL on their site.

All in all a very convincing read."

+ - Social Networking - For Hackers?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A new social networking site has been launched for hackers — called the site has attracted much attention since it was announced on monday with even the world famous Cult Of The Dead Cow becoming involved. From the press release: "Free from the constraints and expectations of the mainstream, is a place for like minded hackers, crackers and whitehats to communicate in an open, independent and anonymous manner. A place for security enthusiasts to assert their creations, agendas and theories." The first hacker soapbox?"

+ - Vista to disable security in 'pirate' copies?

Submitted by Bearhouse
Bearhouse (1034238) writes "Many places are reporting that MS's Steve Ballmer is 'blaming poor Vista sales on piracy'... This seems to be one of the sources (;7680622;fp; 16;fpid;1) From the article, it seems that's not quite what he said. FTA "We have new technologies built into Windows Vista, something we call Windows Genuine Advantage [that] we've really dialed up in capabilities with the Vista release," he said. "I do think that will bring some revenue growth." and "Last fall, when Microsoft announced details of Windows Genuine Advantage in Vista — which included new counterfeit-sniffing software as well as the crippling or disabling of important features....the company took heat from both users and analysts." and We [will] really ferret through how far we can dial it up, and what that means for customer experience and customer satisfaction," Balmer also said that (outside analyst's) sales forecasts for Vista had been 'over optimistic'. So what's the real story here? Is poor takeup of Vista due to little added value and high resource consumption / patchy driver support or is it piracy? Will 'enhanced' WGA increase exiting concerns about upgrading and recovering Vista? Most important, what do people think about MS 'disabling' security features on 'pirate' software, especially in the light of recent posts about S. Korea and China being the source of many attacks? (High rate of piracy = high rate of malware)"

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