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Comment: All part of the plan (Score 1) 791

by sharkey (#42445213) Attached to: Windows 8 Even Less Popular Than Vista
Windows Vista was the set-up to make Windows 7 look good. Now, they are switching things up so that there is no obvious continuation of the "Bad Word Version saved by Good Numbered Version" pattern followed by ME/2000, Vista/7.

Windows 8 is clearly lowering the bar and defecating on the playing field to make sure that Windows Chasm is a savior-success story.

Comment: Re:"Shit happened, we need to blame somebody." (Score 1) 1168

by sharkey (#42343643) Attached to: School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games
"Shit happened, how can I exploit it to force other people to stop doing things I dislike?" would be closer.

The ghouls of all stripes are dancing in the blood of these children to push their own personal political agendas, whether it is banning video games, goths, guns or "loners".

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