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Comment: Re:Simple (Score 2, Insightful) 472

by dreamt (#41536833) Attached to: Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Camera Flaw

Actually, the probably are -- as I posted below, the iPhone 5 picture is looking much more towards the sun (given the amount of tree in the pictures) than the others by at least a few degrees, so yes, the person is holding it wrong. No digital camera can make up for looking directly into the sun. Poor photographer = poor picture.

Comment: similar and yet very different pictures (Score 1) 472

by dreamt (#41536783) Attached to: Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Camera Flaw

Of course, these are all similar and yet very different pictures. The iPhone 5 picture is pointed much more directly towards the sun given the amount of the tree that is in the picture. The cloud cover also looks different meaning that the pictures were not even taken at the same time. This argument may be more believable if the pictures were same angle, same time of day, same everything. I'm guessing just about any digital camera will have a large amount of flare when looking directly into the sun.

Comment: Re:Here are the problems with RIM (Score 1) 341

by dreamt (#37433544) Attached to: The (Big) Problem With RIM

Not only that, but when they released a touchscreen device, it was terrible. I'm a software developer and I couldn't figure out how to use the Storm. I hit a button and a the camera appeared in the middle of the (awful) web browser. It was atrocious. I picked up an iPhone and had everything working in like 5 minutes.

Comment: Re:Even with a fire-sale (Score 4, Insightful) 341

by dreamt (#37433534) Attached to: The (Big) Problem With RIM

Right. It made sense to buy the Touchpad at fire-sale prices because it was good hardware, had a good web browser, good email and some decent apps. On the other hand, the Playbook doesn't even have a built-in email application that doesn't require tethering to a Blackberry, meaning its pretty much useless as a couch device, and the apps just plain suck.

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 5, Insightful) 614

by dreamt (#37189832) Attached to: More Schools Go To 4-Day Week To Cut Costs

Not only that, but how much extra will it cost parents who need to pay for care for younger children who would otherwise be in school. We know some parents like to treat schools as babysitters, but in any case, now they will really need one. Guess they maybe shouldn't have complained about a slight tax increase to pay for their kids education.

Comment: Re:So what? (Score 1) 209

by dreamt (#34547128) Attached to: The Top 50 Gawker Media Passwords

Exactly. Look at how many passwords were gizmodo or engadget. Its a useless account -- does anyone really care if someone is now able to post comments or get replies to a site like this. It shows that users have individual passwords for the sites, and probably good odds that they are using "real" passwords for sites that matter.

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