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Comment: Re:Wrong goal (Score 3, Insightful) 76

Actually the main purpose is to wound as many enemies as you can. Each wounded soldier takes 2-3 support people to care for them. The purpose of engaging in battle is to gain the specific objective (hill, town, city) as described by the mission objectives. A lot of killing takes place, yes, but it's actually the wounded that count the most from a tactical standpoint.

Comment: Re:Gulf of Mexico ? (Score 3, Informative) 74

by dreamchaser (#49323549) Attached to: World's Largest Asteroid Impacts Found In Central Australia

I'm not sure where you got that one. The only credible theory related to it is the Chicxulub crater, which is on the Southern edge of the Gulf, near the Yucatan Peninsula. That's what's left by the impact that many believe killed most of the dinosaurs, as well as many other species. It's not even close to the size of the whole Gulf. What theories are you talking about?

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