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Comment: Re:Weird question, but... (Score 1) 182

naw - read TFS again; xie's devving for Solaris. Good luck getting Solaris running on a pi/bone/whatever.

Maybe you should read TFS again instead since the submitter clearly states that they want a dedicated *Linux* based dev platform. There's no mention of running Solaris on it.

Comment: Re:it depends on what "skilled worker" means. (Score 5, Informative) 401

by dreamchaser (#47395903) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

I'll call you on your trolling and bs. My wife works in the Comp Sci department at a major university and also works *with* people in the programs at others. Well over half the grad students in most programs are born and raised in the US, and many of the best candidates are from the US. This story is about outsourcing based on cost, not on 'deep understanding of theory'. If you're not trolling you're just woefully wrong.

Comment: Re:Microsoft? (Score 1) 70

What argument? I saw a price on the site and I commented on it. I'm not arguing anything. I could turn it around and ask why you are shilling for them? It is technology that isn't ready for prime time yet and is overpriced, even at $150. That is still way more than I am willing to pay for the limited functionality it offers. Get over it and move on. I'm not saying what *you* should spend your money on, so stop crying and being all butthurt about it and move on.

Comment: Re:RAND totally misses it (Score 1) 97

Very good points, especially the part about autodidacts. That one hits home since I am self educated. I've held jobs that 'require' an MBA/MIS degree, CS degrees, etc. In private industry (I work for a small IT security firm currently) I can easily make six figures in jobs that 'require' a degree. The government can shove it as far as I'm concerned.

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by dreamchaser (#47342779) Attached to: Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

Very true. I made a lot more during my management years. Now I barely top the low six figure mark. That being said I'm very happy with my job right now, and between my wife and I we have a very good income and standard of living. There is far more to life than just making the maximum amount of money you can.

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