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Comment: Re:We're sorry we got caught? (Score 1) 401

by drcagn (#47463387) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

I agree with this and it's probably why he kept suggesting for him to go to the Comcast store in person to cancel instead of canceling over the phone. Canceling over the phone would mean he lost a customer, getting him to go to the store in person wouldn't count as a cancellation on his numbers.

Comment: Re:What, exactly, is expected here? (Score 1) 398

by drcagn (#47178857) Attached to: The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

But they have to compete with the Lakers for eyeballs. The Clippers happen to be at a high point and the Lakers at a low point--that's the only reason why anyone in LA has been remotely interested in the Clippers lately. I honestly don't expect their value in LA to last that much longer once this era of the team is over. Maybe they'll wait until that time to move the team, but I expect it to happen sooner or later.

Comment: Re:What, exactly, is expected here? (Score 1) 398

by drcagn (#47178759) Attached to: The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

Donald Sterling _is_ a piece of shit racist bigot. He has long had a history of being one prior to this whole situation. People who follow the NBA closely have known this for years. It's only now that this video has come out and gone viral that anyone feels like doing anything about it.

Jealous of his success? Where are you pulling this from? If I were jealous of his success wouldn't I be just as jealous of Ballmer? Or anyone else with money? And thus, wouldn't I agree with the article that seems to be on a crusade against people with money?

Comment: What, exactly, is expected here? (Score 0) 398

by drcagn (#47178567) Attached to: The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

Donald Sterling is a piece of shit but he owns the team. He's spent his money investing in the team (even if he's done a crappy job of it, since, well, forever), just because he's a racist bigot doesn't mean anyone should have the right to just take the team from him after he's put very large sums of money into it.

So, the NBA did the next best thing--they're going to force his hand to sell the team. And because he's being forced to sell the team, I see nothing wrong with him getting market value for it. Los Angeles has two teams, and Ballmer really wants to put a team in Seattle since douchebag deceiver Clayton Bennett moved the SuperSonics to Oklahoma City.

1. The African American community can rejoice that a piece of shit racist is no longer there to profit from them, at least within the Clippers organization
2. The NBA avoids any further PR issues regarding Sterling and they can tout their commitment to diversity
3. Ballmer gets a team like he's wanted for quite some time now
4. The Seattle community will finally have a basketball team again
5. Sterling gets a good sum of money to stay the fuck away

I'm missing what exactly this guy wants to happen? What, is the NBA supposed to strip the team from him without compensation and give it to African Americans as a community-owned team or something? He was already suing for being forced to sell the team, yeah, I'm sure that'll go over well.

And if he is to be compensated, sure, the NBA could try to put a cap on the amount of money he gets paid (and this is also legally questionable), but if that's the case, how do we determine who gets the team if potential owners can't compete by being the highest bidder?

So what the fuck does this guy expect? This is the best possible legal outcome for all parties involved!

Comment: Re:I'm curious what a FPS with "Maturity" is (Score 2) 167

by drcagn (#47054871) Attached to: <em>Wolfenstein: The New Order</em> Launches

Throughout history, in many cultures the language of the masses differed from the language of the learned. Yet it is the language of the learned, despite being outnumbered, that always goes down in history as canon. It still is so today that we have these split languages in the US, although the languages of the masses are very much regional here.

Comment: Re:Pay up! (Score 3) 167

by drcagn (#47053049) Attached to: <em>Wolfenstein: The New Order</em> Launches

Considering all the hours I got out of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for YEARS... for completely FREE... That's no big deal to me.

But, honestly, I don't care about multiplayer Wolfenstein, my copy of The New Order comes in tomorrow and I hope they really focused on a great single player experience because not many FPS games do nowadays.

Comment: Re:Article is flame bait. Or a troll. (Score 2) 268

by drcagn (#46745419) Attached to: Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry

Regardless, his point still stands--open source is about sharing code. Open source groups share with Apple, Apple shares back, even when they don't necessarily have to. That, to me, is a great record. While it would be nice for Apple to give some money, I don't believe Apple should be shamed for not doing so. So many people champion open source for being free (as in beer) for their own benefit, but suddenly it's bad for Apple to use things for free even though they contribute back and sometimes create new projects that are open, too? Isn't that what open source is supposed to be all about?

Comment: This isn't that remarkable for Apple (Score 2) 380

by drcagn (#45916679) Attached to: Many Mac OS Users Not Getting Security Updates

For quite some time now, it's been Apple's policy to support the current OS release as well as the previous OS release. That means that since the release of Mavericks, they would be supporting Mavericks (current release) and Mountain Lion (previous release). But, this is also the first generation that the new OS 1) supports every machine that the previous release supported 2) is offered for completely free. So, practically speaking, there's very little reason to not just force all Mountain Lion users to upgrade to Mavericks to have support. However, I don't see any evidence on their page that they are even instating this policy? If they did, though, it would be very aggressive, but not really unremarkable for Apple.

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