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Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 575

Let's see, your proud of a country that conducts illegal wars

Well I'm not responsible for what happens when progressives gain power. They are on the downslope again though.

is ruled by corporations and their money

See previous point.

is number one in gun deaths

Not even close to true - see: South America, Africa

is rapidly becoming the most hated country in the world,

I'll just close with saying we are hated by all the right people, consider that you hate "free speech zones".

It's fine to be hated by the immoral and corrupt. In fact I am VERY proud of that.

Comment Not a substitute (Score 1) 54

It's not a substitute, it's a complement.

A truck goes exactly where you need it to go, not some hub somewhere where you have to send it out by truck for 100 more miles anyway... You simply cannot do that with trains.

Even though freight trains will still be around because of massive hauling capacity, you would STILL need a robust trucking infrastructure just to handle the "last few hundred miles" needs.

Comment Re:I've always said (Score 1) 241

I recant my position, man is inherently peaceful, and non-violent. Howzat?

Which fictional universe do you live in?

A univers in which people like oyurself have absolutely no concept of sarcasm. Your trying to invalidate my argument by pointing out a little bit of poetic license I took, shows that as well.

Just to be certain, do you have Asperger's? I'll modify my style and use only direct language if so.

Definitely there is violence in the make up of humanity. Whether that violence is the dominant component of human psychology is something you haven't established. Whether humans are substantially different in this respect from any other organism on the planet is also yet to be established.

I'll mention this once more and then stop responding to your beating on my unfortunate ommission in writing something that I said in passing, in poetic license, but which appears to have become the central portion of your argument.

I apologize profusely ( and that is not being sarcastic either ) that I wrote that killing each other is what we are best at. I don't know that foro certain, and it's probably wrong, seeing that we are very good at populating the earth. That was wrong, and in the world of the internet, where sarcasm is not so easily detectable, a bad thing to do. Mos stupid on my part.

But that's as far as I'll go, and if you choose to belabor this any more, I'll just stop responding, and you can declare yourself the winner. Because since I'm in a direct writing mode, I don't particularly care what you think. We've expressed ourselves. I've apologized twice now, no more, because you mention it again, and as the Hobbit said, I shan't be sorry any longer.

Look, for example, at the canines of most of our fellow primates and you'd see evidence that violent intra-specific conflict is a stronger selection force in most primates than it is in humans. And by contrast, the cooperative behaviour is a more significant factor in human evolution than it has been in most other primates.

Did you look at the links I provided you? Instead of trying debate tactics like strawman accusations and your obsessive fixation on my "ill advised "best" comment, Why are those links wrong? Allow me to rephrase myself, if it is possible to do so in your universe. We are really good at killing each other. We're at almost constant war. I provided facts with just the USA war involvement since ~1900 to the present.

I also claim there is a genetic component to that aggression. We have no species of Homo left to compare ourselves with, so I use the difference between two closely related species of Pan One is peaceful, and the other practices fratricide on occasion. Just use the .gov link and then refute it, you shouldn't have to use paywalled documents.

We practice patricide constantly, whether through individual (frowned upon) or State sponsored (very popular). I draw the conclusion that just as in the Chimpanzees, we have a genetic predisposition toward killing and are rather indiscriminate about who we kill.

Comment Why is any of that a problem? They are apps. (Score 1) 254

Seems like a risky game to play, given that their services heavily depend on ad funded sources for data.

Pretty much nothing you mentioned would be accessed by general users much on the web; mostly through apps where the advertising (if any) is not blocked.

Comment Re:I've always said (Score 1) 241

You said:

Plus you seem to be arguing that humans don't enjoy killing each other? It's what we do best.

Got me, and in the grand tradition of the internet, where even a typo can blow you out of the water, I have been proven totally wrong.

I recant my position, man is inherently peaceful, and non-violent. Howzat?

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 171

Much of the expense is coming from trying to build one plane to be a master of all jobs for all branches of the military.

This and a hundred times this. I don't take my Jeep to the dragstrip, and I don't take my cruiser bike on trails. And one size fits all gloves don't fit on my hands either.

The very idea of the F35 replacing the A10 Warthog is laughable. Just attempting that feat makes it a bad replacement for the fighters it is supposed to replace. So you get a camel - a racehorse designed by a committee.

It's already been shown to not compete with the fighter planes we have now,

We'll see if industry support is more important than defense.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 171

"IRAN managed to hijack a US drone."

I don't know the percentage of drone flights that are disabled. Is there a lot of that going on?

I also don't know the odds of a war against Russia, China or India. Are you suggesting we should arm ourselves for that?

Well yeah. There's an old saying that we are always ready to fight the previous war. It's not a declaration of war to have your country at the same technological level as possible competitors.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 3, Insightful) 171

We can put fuckton of small relays in LEO at negligible cost (relative to the F-35 project). Alternatively, if the opponent does have a ground based laser anti-satellite weapon (the only viable way of dealing with the fuckton of satellites) you could use a drone swarm with a mesh network. Either way you can use highly directional communication, which makes jamming moot.

Jeezuz, man - your scifi scenario has so many holes in it, you probably like hte idea of screendoors on submarines.

You know what happens when you take out 1 or two LEO sats? You take 'em all out. And you don't even need to hit one, just put up more shrapnel to take em out. If someone was foolish enough to try such a scheme, and a nation was desperate enough, just think of a space hand grenade. Rocket designed to fragment after reaching orbit, and no more "fuckton" of sats. You want ot talk about inexpensive? Every new Sat you take out will become more shrapnel to take out others.

There's a reason why there have only been a couple tests of antisatellite weapons.

Our first war in space will be our last war in space. As we filled up desirable orbits with debris, we'd have to wait until it de-orbits to get anything new through.

Non starter idea. And your buzzword salad of mesh networks and highly directional comms is just that - buzzwords.

Remember, you don''t design weapons to be only used against people with mid 20th century tactics. You eventually come up against a technologically savvy opponent.

Comment Re:Wonder which is against this (Score 1) 222

There I can see Apple not wanting to write it.

But Amazon has already shown it's perfectly happy to be on other devices - the PS4, Roku, etc. So it seems like they would also want to be on Apple TV.

If Apple didn't want something like Prime Video on AppleTV, then why DO they have things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO on the Apple TV? I just can't see the reason why either side would be against the other in terms of Amazon Prime.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 342

Exactly. Unionizing might solve one problem but would introduce a hundred more.

We need to make companies overcome the burden of proof that there is no one qualified domestically for a job before they can get an H1B. Other countries do this effectively.

Here's a little story, that might sound Off Topic, but since it illustrates exactly what the problem is, it is directly on topic:

A man coming into work one day, sees his CEO arriving at work in an awesome and beautiful expensive car. So he complimented him on it.

The CEO, put his hand on the guys shoulder and said:

"Thank you - it is a real beauty isn't it? And the great thing about America is that if you apply yourself really diligently to your work, work really, really hard and put in any extra time needed - go that extra mile for the company - it will soon pay off, and I'll be able to buy an even more expensive car next year."

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims of correlation (Score 1) 575

Do you think your this post disagrees with any of my points? Or relevant as a reply to me rather than to tepples?

Actually, I was agreeing with you.

I'm not completely certain why you have the attitude that anyone who replies is trying to pick a fight with you though.

"What the scientists have in their briefcases is terrifying." -- Nikita Khrushchev