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Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 580

It must be great to have superhuman powers and be able to pay attention to an infinite number of things at the same time without impairing any of the other tasks at hand. For us mere mortals, throwing in additional distractions will always increase the odds of missing something else.

Yeah, like driving safely in icy/snowy conditions requires infinite multitasking. Move to northwestern Ohio where all of the roads are on a grid pattern since anything other than straight roads are scawy for you.

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 271

It's difficult to find vehicles that even have a manual anymore. I love driving them! 'Merica... fuck yeah!

What's worse, those goddamn 'murricans went over to Germany and took over ZF Friedrichshafen AG where they make t. They also made them install these shifters on some Audi cars. Gehrdehrm 'murricans!

Comment Re:How about this (Score 1) 550

Thanks for the correction, I meant to say "a year" but messed up. I think $50+ a year is way too high for most websites, especially Wired that I read infrequently...

Also think about it from the standpoint of magazines - you used to be able to subscribe to a magazine for $12 per year, which had a lot more costs (like printing) going on for a fair amount of content per month. Why should you have to pay substantially more than a magazine for the same amount of content?

I personally also doubt I'd pay $12/year for Wired at this point though, it's not the Wired of old...

Comment How about this (Score 1) 550

However, that 1 dollar a week thing... isn't it exactly what people here and elsewhere asked for?

I don't think many people have asked to pay $50+ a month for a website, or would be willing to pay that much...

What about some combination of payment and sensible ads? Let Wired sell ads that are just images, that link to an advertisers site. Few would object to that, they'd make less but that could be made up by a more reasonable subscription rate (like say $1/month).

Wired could even offer to give advertisers aggregate data for anyone that actually clicked on a ad, so they would not lose as much over traditional advertising... most people would not care, because is the UX abusing aspect of ads (like popover/unders) that really anger people.

Comment What we don't know; everything (Score 3, Insightful) 446

It's a turn of phrase in this case, but we know that man's emissions cause some aspect of the climate change we're seeing.

"Some aspect" where the exact amount is undefined.

Oh, and the total amount of warming we'll see is undefined.

Oh, and the amount of warming that is harmful is undefined.

Oh, and the benefits to the world from a warmer climate are undefined.

Oh, and the mechanism that triggers an ice age is undefined.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 580

I don't know I lived in New England my entire life and I've never had any of the troubles you mention on snow and ice. With all wheel drive, modern snow tires, keeping you speed somewhat reasonable and engine breaking its pretty hard to slide off the road or not make it up a hill.

I have a late model Jeep with electronic traction control. It does have one issue though. The traction control is so good that I can take off n a hill on glare ice in 4WD, at angles up to the point that the thing will just slide backwards from gravity. It's actually fun to watch people's reaction to the trick.

But ice is ice, and while the antilock brakes help a lot, I really have to remember that it will go a whole lot better than it will stop, so the driver as you note has to be really careful. And at some point being on a highway under glare ice conditions is simply unwise without chains. Even then there are limits.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 580

Also, if I have to navigate an obstacle course to get through a pedestrian crossing, I'm probably going to be looking at the obstacles, instead of the approaching cyclist or pedestrian.

So you are admitting you can't drive for shit? Is there some vision problem? Or bad reflexes or mental fog or what? Most of us can go around corners without plowing into things. Better get that checked out.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 580

That's all fine and good until you throw snow and ice into the mix, then all those objects become wrapped around cars and cause accidents from the excessive braking/swerving required to navigate them during inclement weather. I've lost count of how many signs and poles I've seen bent over clear to the ground after storms, or cars losing control in S-curves from the "scenic/safer" road design.

Bolshy yarblockos. If a person slips going around a curve, and hits something, they would have trouble braking in a straight line. Your bizzare analogy is trying to argue that going in a straight line on ice is safe. Drive for the conditions, and don't blame a curvy road for bad driving decisions.

Which by the way, I've seen street signs taken down by idiots on nice straight roads. Usually sent flying because those straight roads allowed them to have greater speed before they hit the brakes and plowed into the sign.

Comment Re:Dear black and whiter (Score 1) 580

The street I grew up on was designed for horses, not multi-ton vehicles.

Or are you saying kids should have to transverse a mile of crosswalks to play in a park infested with transients simply to avoid commuters looking for "shortcut"?

So many people believe that their right to drive whatever speed they desire, down any street they desire is somewhere in the constitution. They tend to believe they are superior drivers, have almost superhuman reflexes, and that laws are for other people.

I know it is fashionable on slashdot to jump on the "Won't someone think of the Children?" meme, but some of these folk better hope they never kill a kid, and their posting behavior is illuminated in a criminal or civil trial.

Because it is our neighborhood, it is our children's neighborhood. and they are a guest in it. And we rather like our children, and if some asshat thinks that reckless disregard for them is also a right, well, they might just find our reactions less than accomodating.

Comment Re:Dear black and whiter (Score 1) 580

Yeah, that's a problem. But the answer is not to deliberately degrade public streets so you cannot physically drive faster than ten miles an hour less than the speed limit on them. Honest, law abiding citizens get punished for the acts of a few, and that's not a good answer.

Tough shit. As I posted in a previous post, some asshole who had to go down our 25 mile an hour street at 55 was going to be hit with a deliberate maze of our cars parked as far out in the street as possible. Fortunately, the local cop I tipped off to her playing NASCAR nailed her with a couple of tickets and made certain her insurance rates went up. She drives a nice 25 mph down the street now.

But the neighbors and I will do it if we need to. And do stop by to complain, we'll give your license number to our buddy and you can have further discussions with him, because people who speed in residential zones usually speed everywhere.

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