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Comment Re:Old tech is good tech (Score 2) 81 81

And this is why I use a $9 phone that has support for nothing other than voice calls and plaintext SMS. Not only is it free from the effects of such exploits but the battery also lasts two weeks between charges, it fits very nicely in even the smallest pocket and doesn't distract me when I should be working or spending time with friends and family.

You insensitive fucking clod, my wife read that, got all excited, and left me. Said something about wanting to have your babies. You must get that a lot though.

Slashdot kooks are getting like that crazy uncle who brags about not having email. Or a computer.

Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 73 73

No, it's not hard. People just don't care. They want the latest cool thing, NOT the latest smart thing.

I think the wireless charging will be as important as curved televisions a big meh. Some folks will buy a charger, then discover they need a number more. We'll not always going to be in the same room with the phone, and instead of the crimes upon humanity horror of actually having to plug something in, you'll have an invisible tether to a nice big monitor.So you get a wireless charger for other rooms. Then they'll need their regular charger, unless they want to lug around the wireless one.

A serious amount of trouble just to avoid plugging in a wire.

Yeah, it'll probably be big hit.

Comment Re:To Olsoc (Score 1) 105 105

when the South was solidly Democratic, its congressional representatives in both the House and the Senate, enjoying great seniority, came to hold leadership positions on powerful committees, which they used to send federal dollars back to their home states in the form of contracts, projects, installations."

Care to try again, or would you like to take your troll for a walk somewhere else?

You are oh so damn right, the Southern Democrats, or th Dixiecrats, used the federal coffers like sailors in a whorehouse bar.

!00 percent, not a possibility of being wrong, and very glad you admit it. They were racist as hell, very conservative, Many were in the KKK. All Democrats.

One small issue.......

During the "Civil Rights" era when the liberals in Washington were trying to ram their agenda down the South's throat. The Dixicrats became Republicans. This is the problem when trying to force-fit the Democrat and Republican labels to all times. The DIxiecrats eventually became what is now the ideological core of the Republican party.

So yes, I agree, the Southern Democrats were a nasty racist, pseudo-states rights group who opposed the federal Government except when they could extract money from it. Not a whole lot unlike today's Republicans. Not surprising - because they are today's Republicans.

Great to find common ground, eh?

Comment Re:It's RTM / Inevitable Disaster (Score 1) 308 308

In any case, given the history of these things, it's inevitable that Microsoft is going to push out an automatic update that massively screws up millions of machines. At the point, the very next update they're going to push out is an update that disables automatic updates.

Assuming the bitched up computers can be booted.

Anyone remember the Vista "eternal reboot" update? I had one of those. Not even safe mode helped. Took a complete reinstall. Must have been my fault, becase as we all know, Windows can never fail, only we can fail Windows.

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 308 308

Why would you want the Pro version except for the privelege of paying more for it?

Actually, the pro version only grants you a little more time before you update or are shut off.

If you want the good old days, ya gotta go to the Enterprise version.

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 308 308

You do understand that this automatic update is only for the Windows Home version. The Pro version (which is what I would guess most people reading this will be using) doesn't have the automatic update with no way to disable 'feature'.

Well Thank God!

There's some more info in that EULA too:

Updates. The software periodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice. I added the emphasis - interesting stuff this. Are they saying that unless they are authorized, you can't update your programs? I have a lot of programs that are updated on a weekly basis - sounds like a problem in the making.

BUt back to the problem at hand.

Note that Windows Pro does not escape unscathed:

Windows 10 Pro users will have a little flexibility; they'll be able to switch from the mainstream release to the Current Branch for Business (CBB). This will give some control over when updates are deployed. While the CBB will essentially track the consumer release, it will allow feature updates to be held back for some amount of time; Anderson quotes a Microsoft executive saying that companies will have around eight months to prepare for each new feature update. Delay the feature update any further and they'll also be prevented from receiving security updates.

Windows enterprise is the only version that approaches the present situation.

If someone wants to pretend that the vast majority of users are just going to sit back and cheer when their computers quit working, or that nothing else exists outside the enterprise, well, okay, but that's still just pretending.

And if Enterprise can still operate the same way as before, isn't that just saying the other systems are working on a pre-broken paradigm?

I suspect the future will look like some of the Windows 7 updates in the past year or so that bitched up people's computers, than the patch had to be patched, and fun fun fun.

There are still some Windows 7 patches that have to be blocked from many computers. Is Microsoft Windows 10 so stable now that this sitution will no longer exist? That after every update/patch, everyone's computers will work 100 percent? A complete turnaround, I'd say.

Which is why I say grab the popcorn and Good 'n Plenty's folks, this is gonna be a fun movie. The Blockbuster of 2015.

Comment Re:I have no fear of AI, but fear AI weapons (Score 1) 257 257

Well, robbery would be a bit tougher than general mayhem. In the foreseeable future you'd probably need a human in the loop, for example to confirm that the victim actually complied with the order to "put ALL the money in the bag." Still that would remove the perpetrator from the scene of the crime. If there were an open or hackable wi-fi access point nearby it'd be tricky to hunt him down.

This kind of remote controlled drone mediated crime is very feasible now. It wouldn't take much technical savvy to figure out how to mount a shotgun shell on a quadcopter and fly it to a particular victim (if you have one). That's a lot less sophisticated than stuff terrorists do already; anyone with moderate technical aptitude could do it with off-the-shelf components. I'm sure we'll see our first non-state-actor controlled drone assassination in the next couple of years. Or maybe a hacktivist will detonate a party popper on the President or something like that.

Within our lifetime it'll surely be feasible for ordinary hackers to build autonomous systems that could fly into a general area and hunt down a particular victim using facial recognition. People have experimented with facial recognition with SBCs like the Raspberry Pi already.

You can forbid states from doing this all you want, but as technology advances the technology to do this won't be exotic. It'll be commonplace stuff used for work and even recreation.

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 308 308

It appears there's no notion of "optional" updates anymore

there's a checkbox buried deep in system settings to prevent drivers from getting upgraded


Get the popcorn and Good and Plentys in hand, This is going to be fscking awesome! Stuff quits working, people gnashing teeth and tearning clothes, and the Shills going shrill blaming it on the victims.........

It's great to be smart 'cause then you know stuff.