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by drainbramage (#48085697) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Designing a Telecom Configuration Center?

Sounds like you work for a wireless company, or something small and or new.
Color coded cables that are labeled please.
Hey Barney, which wire is going to the extranet, intranet, Lilo port?
What's that? They all look the same? Bummer.
Bringing in various colors is not difficult nor does it appreciably change your costs you racist!

+ - Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, not Pipeline->

Submitted by FrnkMit
FrnkMit (302934) writes "Challenging a previous story on tech diversity, a writer interviewed 716 women who left the technology field. Her conclusion: corporate culture, and the larger social structure, is the primary cause they shook the sand of the tech industry from their shoes, never looking back. Specific issues include a lack of maternity policies in small companies, low pay which barely covers day care, "jokes" from male coworkers, and always feeling like the "odd duck". In reality, there are probably many intertwined causes: peer pressure at the high-school and college level, female-unfriendly geek culture, low pay, a lack of accommodations for pregnant/nursing mothers, the myth of "having it all", stereotype threat, and repeated assertions that women aren't biologically suited to writing software and therefore there's no problem at all."
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+ - Windows 10 brings back the Start menu->

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An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft two days ago disclosed its next operating system.The software will run on a wide range of devices, from phones and tablets to PCs and Xbox games consoles, with applications sold from a single store."
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An anonymous reader writes "Samsung is currently one of the leading companies in producing smartphones which hit the market with high expectations and never fail to impress. Samsung secretly launched one of the Galaxy Ace Style variant called Galaxy Ace Style LTE. It is priced at EUR 199 (nearly 15500 INR) on its German website. But does it make up for its worth? Will it survive the endless competition in the smartphone world? Let’s find out"
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by drainbramage (#48005689) Attached to: Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent

A friend wanted to replace his landscape bulbs with LEDs, the flicker was horrible.
We added a bridge rectifier and the 120 hz flicker was less offensive.
So, we added a capacitor, the flicker was gone and the LEDs were much brighter.
I noticed they were also becoming warm so I measured the voltage which was now over 18vdc.
I suddenly recalled that a load resistor was always added when I used to make linear power supplies, a few years ago.
Can't remember the formula I used to use but google found a nice article about this:

My idea of roughing it turning the air conditioner too low.