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Comment Re:Diskless workstations at last? (Score 1) 227

I think you've nailed it. I have yet to run into a single person who could answer the question "What is the definition of the cloud?" without me being able to unravel their answer with the phrase "Yes, but we've been doing that since the internet started." It's just a fancy buzzword for people with nothing of substance to say.

Comment Re:So what's the big deal? (Score 1) 203

However, the problem is that such a conversion cannot happen while there is a large establishment built on it - the judges would have to re-learn, the lawyers would have to re-learn, the legislators would have a gargantuan task of creating a whole corpus of laws without bad loopholes... It would only happen after a revolution.

so the cost of educating lawyers and judges and rewriting laws is less than a revolution?

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