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+ - Staffing Shake-up at Wikimedia->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In a message to the Wikipedia community, the Wikimedia Foundation's Chief Technical Officer, Brion Vibber, has announced that he will be leaving Wikimedia to become a lead developer at identi.ca. Brion was the Foundation's very first full-time hire and led the development of the Mediawiki software that now powers Wikipedia and many other wikis across the web. In 2004, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales officially declared that June 1st would forever be known in the Wikipedia community as Brion Vibber Day for his contributions to Mediawiki, one of only three people so honored. Brion's departure will create a second high level vacancy only one week after the Wikimedia Foundation announced they were firing their Chief Program Officer."
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Comment: Re:Stealing hi-res versions (Score 1) 345

by dragons_flight (#28729341) Attached to: New Developments In NPG/Wikipedia Lawsuit Threat

"Hacked" is rather misleading.

The NPG made high res images viewable online as a series of tiles, i.e. you might deliver the full image as twenty smaller images each showing a portion of the total.

His "hack" was to download each of these tiles individually and reassemble them into a coherent whole.

Nothing was done to gain unauthorize access or compromise their systems in any way.

Comment: Re:Pictures versus digital photos... (Score 5, Informative) 345

by dragons_flight (#28729231) Attached to: New Developments In NPG/Wikipedia Lawsuit Threat

No, no, no.

Berne requires that the US protect foreign copyright holders if and only if equivalent works published in the US by US citizens would be protected.

If a work is intrinsically ineligible for copyright in the US then the US does not and will not honor any foreign laws that say otherwise.

Operating Systems

+ - Wikipedia Simplifies by Going All-Ubuntu Linux-> 2

Submitted by
CWmike writes "Since the free, online Wikipedia user-created encyclopedia began in 2001, the Linux-based IT infrastructure behind it has been expanded and lassoed together to keep up with the demands of the popular Web site. Soon, that problem will be gone. In a few months, Wikipedia will finish a major transformation by moving from a combination of versions of Red Hat products to Ubuntu Linux Version 8.04 on all 400 of its servers. Brion Vibber, CTO of the San Francisco-based Wikimedia Foundation Inc., said the transition was very hopeful. "We can run the same combination everywhere, and it does the same thing" and runs the same software, Vibber said. "Everything is a million times easier.""
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