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by dragonrouge (#21984978) Attached to: Yahoo Tries to Improve Your Inbox
The easiest way is to use tags if you want to group emails with different subject fields. If you enable imap in the gmail options you can read and sort your email anyway you want. Theoretically this should work with any command line imap capable mail client although I can only verify that it works with Thunderbird. When you view your inbox through Thunderbird the tags show up as folders.
Red Hat Software

+ - Activists Voice Concern Over Red Hat->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Free software activists are concerned about losing Red Hat to Microsoft's FUD. After Novell, Xandros, and Linspire it looks like Ballmer's statements may have caused a domino effect. Do you think Red Hat will betray us or continue to be an important part of the free software community?"
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The Internet

+ - eyeOS 1.0 Released - Codenamed Dahlia->

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K-Disk writes "Just shooting an FYI saying eyeOS 1.0 Codename Dahlia has been released, As many know eyeOS had much sucess with the eyeOS 0.9x series as one of the most complete Open Source Web Operating Systems. They have officially released the 1.0 version which will definately set the De Facto in Web Operating Systems."
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+ - Ubuntu Linux = Genuine Windows?->

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bobbocanfly writes "Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you will have heard about the problems with the Windows Genuine Advantage system. Well here is another one. A user at managed to validate their Ubuntu installation as a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows and get to the download page of Windows Defender, using IE4Linux and Wine. This along with the advancement of LiveCD technology could mean the end of Microsoft's control over who gets their updates."
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+ - Tuning your MySQL server for LAMP

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An anonymous reader writes "Allocating memory to the right places and giving mysqld an idea of what type of load to expect is one of the best things you can do to pump-up your performance. This article covers MySQL tuning, which is largely about understanding how things work, determining if they're working properly, making adjustments, and re-evaluating. Each component — Linux, Apache, PHP, or MySQL — has various needs. Understanding them individually helps eliminate the bottlenecks that can slow your application."

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