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Comment Rain on Parade (Score 2) 223

I'm sorry but I can't imagine this working.. As we all know buildings require a firm foundation. In order to have a rail system that could potentially hold the weight of the building at any given point the entire rail system would have to be build upon a foundation strong enough to hold the heaviest of buildings.. The costs would be astronomical; and for what? Miles of empty track?

Comment The Cross (Score 1) 473

I don't like when people use the swastika because it symbolizes the group whose goal it was to wipe the Jews from the planet. And that is just pure evil.. I, like many other Americans, identify the symbol of the Cross with the Bible and more specifically with Jesus. Although it represents something both horrible (the process) and wonderful (salvation), many Americans see it in a favorable light. *However* - I must say - there are many in the middle east who would have the symbol banned. Why? I think it is at least partly because the symbol of the cross was brought against them in war during the crusades. This obviously had nothing to do with God (this was an evil act as well) but I think it has left a similar feeling for the cross that we have of the swastika.

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