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+ - Plone 3.0 released->

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dracvl writes: "After a year of development, the Plone Foundation announced the release of Plone 3.0 today. Plone is Python's leading content management system, and this is a major milestone for open source content management systems. Recent converts to Plone include Novell, Akamai... and the CIA. Major new features in this release is pervasive versioning, automatic locking, links that never break and ajax-powered inline editing. The list of features is a good start if you're wondering what it can do."
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+ - Google Launches Patent Search

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Alexander Limi
Alexander Limi writes: "The busy guys here at Google launched Google Patent Search today, which makes it possible to search all USPTO patents. To make this search they acquired the patent images and metadata from the USPTO and ran the images through OCR before building an index and front-end like they have done for books. Check out some funny and ridiculous patents."
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+ - Eben Moglen Keynote on Software and Communities

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Alexander Limi
Alexander Limi writes: "When was the last time an intellectual property lawyer moved you to tears? At the Plone Conference this year, Eben Moglen (of FSF, GPLv3 and the recent Novell-MS debacle fame) from the Software Freedom Law Center gave the talk "Software and Community in the 21st Century" that sums up why free software is so important.

Eben traces the connections between the free software movement, the One Laptop Per Child project, the past three hundred years of modern industrial economic development, and places our work into the larger context of the ongoing journey towards freedom and equality for all people.

Share it with someone you love who's been wondering what you do and why it matters."

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