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Comment: Re: Scrap all the rules (Score 1) 104

As a young ham, myself and another member of our club were rebuked for what we thought was a clever workaround to a persistent jammer. We came up with a list of repeaters, assigning a number to each. When a jammer would come along, we'd simply say "meet me on number 4" and we'd QSY to that repeater to continue our QSO.

At a subsequent meeting, one of the OM officers of our club told us to knock it off as it could run afoul of the "codes & ciphers" prohibiting of part 97.

Comment: Re:It tried to follow the plot (Score 1) 726

When Starship Troopers was performed at Rifftrax, they couldn't alter the movie in any way. To get around this, they had the cameras cut away to a silly diversion (Gorilla-grams!), while a non-offending corner of the scene played out in stage right. If you were live in the Belcourt theatre, you got to see the film in all its glory.

Comment: Re:Failure is expected result (Score 1) 663

by dr_dank (#45313627) Attached to: A Math Test That's Rotten To the Common Core

Your subject line is 100% on the mark: Failure is the expected & intended result.

Low test scores that result from this test make a great lever to use to privatize schools and/or get rid of teachers that can't get their kids to pass this charade. Corporate America gets to cluck their tongues at the crop of obvious dolts-in-ye-making an lobby their pet congressperson to allow ever more H1-B and offshored/temp labor to compensate.

I'd say this is working as designed.

Comment: Re:Hint (Score 1) 1160

Agree completely. I must point out (again) that the automatic appeals process costs taxpayers at least $2 million dollars, therefore life in prison/no parole is economically cheaper for taxpayers.

I fear that this would be fixed by getting rid of the appeals instead of doing away with capital punishment entirely.

Comment: No-win situation (Score 4, Insightful) 1111

by dr_dank (#43336745) Attached to: Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail

Once this guy knew who he was doing business with, it gave him two crappy options:

1) Turn informant for the government. His customers would know in a moment that he flipped once they see that he's moved out of his house and suddenly has the money to open a fancy storefront with all the bells and whistles (bugged to the gills). Once they figure that out, he and his family are as good as dead.

2) Take your chances in court. Since the federal government moved the venue to Kansas, that'll practically secure a conviction for an LA Latino who can easily be painted as a gangster living large while working on spec for the drug lords. Also, this sets an example for those who refuse uncle sams generous offer to turn informant.

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