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Comment: Re:We're turning into wimps (Score 4, Insightful) 186

by MightyMartian (#48629407) Attached to: "Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

North Korea really hasn't even proven it has a missile that reliably reach Japan. The country is a total basket case run by a violent, completely detached dynasty. It represents a significant regional threat, but if it were to ever do anything truly belligerent, China would yank support and the regime would collapse.

That, to my mind, is the chief threat of North Korea, that when the Kims finally do lose grip, the regime's collapse will be violent for North Koreans and their neighbors.

Comment: Re:What are they going to do? (Score 2) 186

by MightyMartian (#48629359) Attached to: "Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

Indeed. Of all the groups that make threats against the West, NK seems the one least likely to have the ability or desire to actually attack a Western target. I cannot imagine the fires of hell that would reign down on North Korea should it be demonstrated to be behind mass murders in the United States.

It boggles my mind that anyone seriously believes North Korea is going to start mounting attacks on North American theaters should they screen this film.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 1) 56

by MightyMartian (#48628143) Attached to: NASA Tests Feasibility of 3D Printing on the Moon and Other Planets

Except that in-situ is an English word. It's origins are Latin, but then again, so is a vast amount of the English vocabulary.

We have these things called dictionaries. Rather than demonstrating intense stupidity, inform yourself first.

Oh right, this is /., where ignorance is a matter of pride.

Comment: Re:From Jack Brennan's response (Score 1) 769

by laird (#48625281) Attached to: CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations

So are you arguing that the US is less secure now than it was in 1774? Back when we had almost nothing, fighting the globe-spanning England, we rejected torture as being against our principles. Now that we're the richest, most powerful country on the planet, "threatened" by terrorists (i.e. fighters without even the backing of a country) we're willing to give up our principles?

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