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Comment Re:Hey Windows 10 (Score 1) 84

Just wait for it.

The level of information gathering is beyond acceptable for European standards. Major companies will fear sensitive data will end up via NSA with competitors. They will complain, action will follow.

patience is a virtue, till then, don't use Windows 10 in your organisation.

Submission + - Bacteria like salmonella can survive in cookies for months (dispatchtribunal.com)

hypnosec writes: Researchers have warned that harmful bacteria and pathogens like salmonella can survive in dry food products like cookies and sandwich crackers for months. The warnings are based on a study carried out by University of Georgia wherein they used five different serotypes of salmonella that had been isolated from foods involved in previous foodborne outbreaks. The researchers involved with the study were prompted to carry out their research after reports of increased number of outbreaks of foodborne diseases linked to low-water-activity, or dry, foods emerged.

Submission + - Malware Infects Computers, Adds Them to Russian Proxy Service

An anonymous reader writes: A new malware family called ProxyBack infects PCs and transforms them into a Web proxy. ProxyBack malware works by infecting a PC, establishing a connection with a proxy server controlled by the attackers, from where it receives instructions, and later the traffic it needs to route to actual Web servers. Each machine infected with ProxyBack works as a bot inside a larger network controlled by the attackers, who send commands and update instructions via simple HTTP requests. Some of the people infected with this malware, mysteriously found their IP listed on the buyproxy.ru Web proxy service.

A technical write-up of the infection steps and various malware commands is available on the Palo Alto Networks blog.

Submission + - Slashdotter throws Grand Party on New Year's Eve, invites Slashdotters (slashdot.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot member KGIII plans to throw a grand New Year's Eve party on a private beach in Florida. All /.-ers who happen to be around or are willing — and have time — to fly in are welcome. To us Europeans, that would be a Silvester Party. Booze, tons of things that go boom, men and women let loose... All inspired by Slashdot's latest poll. Come in your hundreds, o ye /.-ers, and crash this party ! Even KGIII's stalker is invited, BTW.

Submission + - The Pirate Bay Is Down: Four Domains Suspended

An anonymous reader writes: The Pirate Bay is down today, though not everyone is experiencing the issue just yet. Four of the site’s domains have been suspended, meaning once the DNS entry updates have propagated, The Pirate Bay won’t work for you. Instead, you will get a generic error, such as “This webpage is not available” in Chrome and “Unable to connect” in Firefox.

Submission + - How to choose an in-memory NoSQL solution: Performance measuring (rvncerr.org)

rvncerr writes: The main purpose of this work is to show results of benchmarking some of the leading in-memory NoSQL databases with a tool named YCSB. We selected three popular in-memory database management systems: Redis (standalone and in-cloud named Azure Redis Cache), Tarantool and CouchBase and one cache system Memcached. Our “firing field” was a group of four virtual machines in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Submission + - Another Windows 10 update causes trouble, this time with Word 2016 (webtoasts.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft hasn’t had much luck when it comes to tweaking its various bits of software of late, and the Redmond truck has suffered another update fender-bender, this time affecting Microsoft Word 2016 users running Windows 10.

Submission + - A new lightweight and very strong metal

schwit1 writes: UCLA engineers have developed a new superlight and very strong metal.

A team led by researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has created a super-strong yet light structural metal with extremely high specific strength and modulus, or stiffness-to-weight ratio. The new metal is composed of magnesium infused with a dense and even dispersal of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles. It could be used to make lighter airplanes, spacecraft, and cars, helping to improve fuel efficiency, as well as in mobile electronics and biomedical devices.

Submission + - California's Worst Gas Leak In 40 Years (And Crews Can't Stop It) (wired.com)

schwit1 writes: While world leaders signed the 'historic' agreement signed in Paris to fix the world's "greatest threat," a natural gas storage site in southern California is belching 145,000 pounds per hour of Methane — a greenhouse gas 70 times more potent than carbon dioxide. What is worse, while official proclaim this a "top priority" a fix won't arrive until spring as emergency crews recognize "the leak was far from routine, and the problem was deeper underground."

In just the first month, that's added up to 80,000 tons, or about a quarter of the state's ordinary methane emissions over the same period.

Submission + - Software Error Releases up to 3,200 Inmates Early (seattletimes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday the Washington Department of Corrections has been making mistakes in calculating sentences since 2002, resulting in thousands of inmates leaving prison early. Corrections officials learned of a problem in 2012. A patch to fix the faulty software will be implemented next month. Here's how the bug happened: When people are convicted of a crime, they're given a base sentence. On top of that, there can be extra periods of time — for example, using a firearm might add five years on top of the base sentence. While in prison, inmates can earn time off their sentence for good behavior or participating in work/education programs — but it can only apply to their base sentence. The software involved applied the inmates' good behavior credits to each section of their sentence. The Corrections Department is now trying to track down released inmates to make some of them finish their terms.

Submission + - German court orders man to destroy naked images (bbc.com)

AmiMoJo writes: Germany's highest court has ordered a man to destroy intimate photos and videos of his ex-partner because they violate her right to privacy. The Federal Court said the man, a photographer, should no longer possess naked photos and sex tapes, even if he had no intention of sharing them.
The woman had originally agreed to the images but this consent stopped when the relationship ended, the court said. Germany has some of the strictest privacy laws in Europe.

Submission + - Man Arrested for Hacking 130 Celebrities, Not the Fappening Author (softpedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A Bahamas man was arrested after trying to sell Hollywood movie scripts and social security numbers to an undercover DHS agent. The hacker known online as Jeff Moxey managed to hack the computers of 130 celebrities, from where he stole, besides scripts, nude pics and sexually-explicit videos. He is not the man behind The Fappening though.

Submission + - Kim Dotcom loses extradition case in NZ.

BitterOak writes: Kim Dotcom has lost his extradition trial in NZ and will now have to face trial in the US to face charges of money laundering, racketeering, and copyright violation.

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