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Comment: Re:Why not just use FreeBSD then? (Score 2) 195

by dr.Flake (#47616019) Attached to: Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's

Ye gods I'm so tired of this 'joke' cropping up every so often. It wasn't really that funny 12 years ago, either.


i still find the dying remark funny.
And the more time has passed, the funnier it gets. As still being around and still being a relevant OS proves how silly the study was at the time.

So i hope we can still laugh about it in 30 years or so.

Comment: US centric discussion (Score 3, Informative) 570

by dr.Flake (#47564169) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

The debt discussion quickly moved to a health insurance discussion, as that is clearly one of the major contributors of this issue.

Slashdot has always been a mostly US centric site, but also has a significant world wide group.

As a European reading this discussion, but i recon it is so for Canadians and some larger parts of Asia as well: I'm laughing my ass off!

Oh man, you guys have seriously fu****ed up your system.
All this spastic anti-socialism, american dream, Obamacare and your corporate controlled democracy have made you end up with this monster.

Believe me, our systems are also far from perfect, but no where near the level of idiocy described here.

for me, 500 $ max own risk, rest 100% insured. no limit. 98% of the population is insured. regardless of income, age or job. I worry over other stuff. Not my health bill.

Comment: Don't ask this on Slashdot (Score 0) 272

by dr.Flake (#46702921) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

If you're question is relatively simple, aimed at the general slashdot crowd, than the answer is that you need to hire someone who knows database implementations

If the question is complex enough for an experienced database implementer, he/she would know where to post that question. And it is not here.

As you can read above. The answer is simple. The problem non-existing for experienced implementers.

Comment: Re:It's about time. (Score 3, Insightful) 731

by dr.Flake (#46217683) Attached to: Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

Welcome to the 21st century.

Now if you guys could do something about the insationable hunger for credit. You guys already live from the credit of the rest of the world. Sure it stimulates the economy, but in the real world you can only spend a dollar once.

Comment: Acrylamide (Score 1) 165

by dr.Flake (#45827931) Attached to: What Would French Fries Taste Like If You Made Them On Jupiter?

The thicker the crust and the higher the temperature, the more Acrylamide is formed.

For those unaware that they are eating a neurotoxin damaging your male parts when consuming chips, coffee and french fries:

One woud think the bright guys at NASA would take this into consideration before exposing their expensive astronauts to this stuff.

Comment: GUI (Score 1) 75

by dr.Flake (#43367111) Attached to: R 3.0.0 Released

Even i have used R in the past for my thesis. My statistician was using S-plus to do magical things that the hospitals SPSS definitely could not do.
However, S-plus was not available to us non-statisticians.
As a complete non-programmer, mediocre statistician, i was able to reproduce en build upon his examples in R.

But what i truly missed was a usable GUI. there were some, and i tried them all at the time, but none were able to do more than the basics. For someone using R daily, a GUI will be more trouble and limited. But for someone like me, a well developed GUI like S-Plus had at the time would have bee more than welcome.

Seeing the headline R 3.0.0, the first thing i was looking for: did they include a GUI by default???

Comment: Belgians drilling a hole in the ocean?? (Score 3, Informative) 242

by dr.Flake (#42624247) Attached to: Belgium Plans Artificial Island To Store Wind Power

First, i'm Dutch, the northern neighbor of the Belgians, and we like to make jokes of each other.

But why make an island first? One could also transport the energy on shore and do the same trick with an old abandoned mining network for instance. Sounds like the upfront costs are going to be huge.
Also, the North Sea is the most busy shipping route on the planet. Do we really need an extra island in it?

Comment: Re:Um, they used what? (Score 1) 165

by dr.Flake (#42410657) Attached to: NASA's Ion Thruster Sets Continuous Operation Record

My first thought as well.

Wikipedia's first hit:

"Extraction of a liter of xenon from the atmosphere requires 220 watt-hours of energy.[52] Worldwide production of xenon in 1998 was estimated at 5,000–7,000 m3"

Sounds like we have some scaling issues before this engine puts us on mars on a regular basis.

Comment: Re:And it took this long to "make the connection"? (Score 4, Insightful) 248

by dr.Flake (#39631117) Attached to: Dental X-Rays Linked To Common Brain Tumor

Supposing this is true, it took this long because everybody thought that dental X-ray was harmless.
(tumor growth in less than 1:4.000.000 images, regardless of the type of tumor.)

Dental X-ray uses less than 0.01 mSv per image.

You absorb 200 times this amount every year, year in, year out. all your life. And if you live in a place with higher background radiation, this number goes up quickly.

So it is hard to prove these tumours are caused by the exams.
Lets wait and see what comes out of this.

Usually these kind of studies have some form of bias thats not adequately corrected for.

Comment: Let somebody else do it for you (Score 1) 296

by dr.Flake (#38110258) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking System?

Surprised to see noone has opted the easiest solution yet!

Make some random calls to people in Saudi Arabia, Soedan, Ethiopia, etc.
Make sure to mention words like bomb, white house, infidel, plane etc etc.

If some one steals your bike, just call the FBI and ask them where it is.


Comment: Re:What a load of crap (Score 3, Insightful) 370

by dr.Flake (#36207142) Attached to: Why You Shouldn't Panic Over Mac Malware

Sort of the same for me.

For me the route was also windows -> linux -> OSX.

However, during my linux period i grew accustomed to finding great software doing almost everything i could wish for within a few clicks/google searches.

For OSX its the opposite. For every small task that i want to accomplish, i seem to need to pony up. Every small time programmer tries to make a buck with his little program. Nothing wrong with that, but where are the Free/Libre alternatives?

For now, after long searches i end up installing untrustworthy programs, because i'm used to get it all for "free" (he, i am Dutch). My problem, sure. But a lot of people like me would fall into these kind of traps.

Fundamentally, there may be no basis for anything.