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Submission + - Islamic terrorist communcate via Playstation 4 (

bricko writes: Belgium’s home affairs minister says ISIL communicates using Playstation 4

Jambon also reportedly warned of the growing use by terror networks of the PlayStation 4 gaming console, which allows terrorists to communicate with each other and is difficult for the authorities to monitor. “PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” he said.

The gaming console also was implicated in ISIL’s plans back in June, when an Austrian teen was arrested for downloading bomb plans to his PS4.

Submission + - Experimental drug targeting Alzheimer's disease shows anti-aging effects (

schwit1 writes: Salk Institute researchers have found that an experimental drug candidate aimed at combating Alzheimer’s disease has a host of unexpected anti-aging effects in animals.

The Salk team expanded upon their previous development of a drug candidate, called J147, which takes a different tack by targeting Alzheimer’s major risk factor–old age. In the new work, the team showed that the drug candidate worked well in a mouse model of aging not typically used in Alzheimer’s research. When these mice were treated with J147, they had better memory and cognition, healthier blood vessels in the brain and other improved physiological features.

“Initially, the impetus was to test this drug in a novel animal model that was more similar to 99 percent of Alzheimer's cases,” says Antonio Currais, the lead author and a member of Professor David Schubert’s Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory at Salk. “We did not predict we’d see this sort of anti-aging effect, but J147 made old mice look like they were young, based upon a number of physiological parameters.”

Submission + - MIT team invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water. (

An anonymous reader writes: As the availability of clean, potable water becomes an increasingly urgent issue in many parts of the world, researchers are searching for new ways to treat salty, brackish or contaminated water to make it usable. Now a team at MIT has come up with an innovative approach that, unlike most traditional desalination systems, does not separate ions or water molecules with filters, which can become clogged, or boiling, which consumes great amounts of energy.

Instead, the system uses an electrically driven shockwave within a stream of flowing water, which pushes salty water to one side of the flow and fresh water to the other, allowing easy separation of the two streams.

According to the researchers, this approach is a fundamentally new and different separation system. Unlike most other approaches to desalination or water purification, this one performs a “membraneless separation” of ions and particles.

Membranes in traditional desalination systems, such as those that use reverse osmosis or electrodialysis, are “selective barriers”.

They allow molecules of water to pass through, but block the larger sodium and chlorine atoms of salt. Compared to conventional electrodialysis, “This process looks similar, but it’s fundamentally different,”

In the new process, called shock electrodialysis, water flows through a porous material —in this case, made of tiny glass particles, called a frit — with membranes or electrodes sandwiching the porous material on each side. When an electric current flows through the system, the salty water divides into regions where the salt concentration is either depleted or enriched. When that current is increased to a certain point, it generates a shockwave between these two zones, sharply dividing the streams and allowing the fresh and salty regions to be separated by a simple physical barrier at the center of the flow. Read more..

Comment Re:Society as a whole moves like an oiltanker (Score 1) 133

If you don't buy the other stuff, they will not make extra variants for you. Chicken Egg problem. Unfortunately the other party will never change unless you do.

So, for tonight:
Couscous, courgette, sun dried tomatoes, olives, feta, onion, paprika, small portion of ground meat, spices. 10 minutes tops.

Whole wheat pasta (penne), salmon (if necessary from tin, tastes worse) sweet anise, sour cream, onion, olive oil, peppers. The pasta takes 10 minutes, so i guess 15 min max.

This sunday im making pumpkin soup. lots of onion, garlic, Indonesian spices, tomatoes (from a can, i admit, sorry). some sour cream, some cheese. servers like 10 portions, so we'll eat 2-3 times from this pot the coming week. Takes a bit more time, but saves me a lot of time later on. Serve with some bread and tappenade.

I can go on for quite a while like this.

You need some stuff fresh, say weekly groceries, the rest is all storage cabinet.

We all work hard, and don't take our time to cook and even more taking too little time to really enjoy our food.
Come on, make a real meal, use a smaller plate, sit down at the table, not the telly, open up a bottle of wine, but drink only 1 glass together with the wife. Enjoy your meal.

Comment Re:Society as a whole moves like an oiltanker (Score 2) 133

For several years the anti-fructose movement has been making noise and has been showing increasing insight is the underlying mechanisms. Famous example spokesperson of this movement is Dr Lustig, and googling his name alone gives a boatload of references.

An MD claiming a single chemical is mostly responsible for obesity? BS detector starts ticking up...


BS readings confirmed.


wrong way around.

His idea:
Fructose is causing metabolic syndrome and partly responsible for weight gain by sabotaging leptin response.
He claims obesity isn't the problem. People don't die from fat, they die from metabolic syndrome.

Comment Society as a whole moves like an oiltanker (Score 5, Informative) 133

Of course Coca Cola is the personification of "evil big food" and they will do whatever it takes to keep making money as water running from the tap. Its amazing how much money one can make from selling flavoured sugar water plus some advertising.

But the negative effects of increased sugar intake is nothing new. For several years the anti-fructose movement has been making noise and has been showing increasing insight is the underlying mechanisms. Famous example spokesperson of this movement is Dr Lustig, and googling his name alone gives a boatload of references.

But where is the response from society (not from some smart commercial brands), where is the education in schools, in children's TV programs, in popular scientific programs, in journals being read by large percentages of the population. And when will we start listening to this??!!

We still buy all this processed junk, with the bright coloured labels promising everything and being "fat free". We as a society have to immediately start buying other food products. More "real" unprocessed foods, and please leave those products with added sugar packaged in plastic in the store. Spend more time buying, cooking, eating and ENJOYING this food.

The industry will make whatever we buy. Self regulation from their side is an illusion.

So WE need to change.

Comment Re:Coincidentally... (Score 1) 191

Off course there are hospitals and doctors over here that are being paid by the patient/treatment. But, like i said, the same work ethos applies to those who are not financially inclined to come. That indicates that the financial interest is not the (main) reason for this behaviour. I see this in all civil servant doctors as well.

We are talking single / couple of days sick leave here, having the flu, headache or diarrhoea. not long term illnesses / disability.

# Do you have a limited number of sick days? This is Europe talking,, Sick day's ?? you mean you guys have a limited number of days you are allowed to be ill? That's sick. You have to be away from work a lot / long period at one stretch to get into trouble. Disabilty laws kick in at that point. Whole different ballgame concerning financial interests. Having no sick days or having 10 during the year doesn't influence a penny on my wages.
# Do you have to take vacation days after those sick days are exhausted? Sorry??, again. You have to take up vacation days due to being ill? Ps, I have 5 weeks holiday/year.
# Are you compensated at the year's end for unused sick days? see above, no.
# Are your sick days and vacation days all combined into a single PTO group? no
# Does your hospital not keep enough staff on hand to cover for sick doctors? no, barely enough even when everybody is working. Being ill can lead to patients not being seen on the out patient clinic that day and chances are they will have to wait for an open spot on the schedule. Off course the severity of the patients condition influences the amount of delay. Surgery is being cancelled sporadically. Europe may be social, but not communistic

# If you said "Yes" to any of these questions then there are financial interests at play.

no financial interest

You do realise you are often infectious to others before you are aware of being ill or even becomming ill at all? For instance for the flu, noro or chicken-pox. The whole "come in and infect everybody in the office / clinic" argument is really weak. People get sick via all sorts of routes.

Comment Re:Coincidentally... (Score 1, Informative) 191


I am a medical doctor, and work in a government owned hospital. That makes me kind of a civil servant. I get paid per month, not per patient/treatment.

I completely recognize my colleagues and myself in this report. One doesn't call in sick, unless one has 39,5C fever or isn't capable of driving the car to work.

Financial interest has nothing to with this, your remark reflects your utter ignorance for the matter and lacks any form of humour.

Comment Re:Why not just use FreeBSD then? (Score 2) 195

Ye gods I'm so tired of this 'joke' cropping up every so often. It wasn't really that funny 12 years ago, either.


i still find the dying remark funny.
And the more time has passed, the funnier it gets. As still being around and still being a relevant OS proves how silly the study was at the time.

So i hope we can still laugh about it in 30 years or so.

Comment US centric discussion (Score 3, Informative) 570

The debt discussion quickly moved to a health insurance discussion, as that is clearly one of the major contributors of this issue.

Slashdot has always been a mostly US centric site, but also has a significant world wide group.

As a European reading this discussion, but i recon it is so for Canadians and some larger parts of Asia as well: I'm laughing my ass off!

Oh man, you guys have seriously fu****ed up your system.
All this spastic anti-socialism, american dream, Obamacare and your corporate controlled democracy have made you end up with this monster.

Believe me, our systems are also far from perfect, but no where near the level of idiocy described here.

for me, 500 $ max own risk, rest 100% insured. no limit. 98% of the population is insured. regardless of income, age or job. I worry over other stuff. Not my health bill.

No problem is so formidable that you can't just walk away from it. -- C. Schulz