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Comment Re:Hmmmm, yeah (Score 1) 274 274

Is this like some sort of Google ad? I dunno. I like G+ too, but it is a little hard to use in the ways that you can use FB when people just don't do a lot with it. Maybe they'll hit some sort of critical mass? I'd like that, but...

I find your comment amusing because everyone I know does not leave facebook because their friends are not intelligent enough to move to G+. I think that is what getting facebook going.

Comment Re:Chrome OS is also a huge problem (Score 1) 188 188

Seriously! Chrome book did not work because people want more processing power and in my humble opinion they were little pricey but not at all because they sucked. Chrome overall is the best browser currently. It is incredibly fast and secure. You seem to me like an IE6 kind of guy.

Comment Re:Superior browser (Score 1) 449 449

Let's see: -The toolbar can't be customized -No real AdBlock -Extensions are glorified userscripts -Installs Google Updater -Memory usage goes through the roof with a lot of tabs opened (higher than Firefox could ever hope it to go)


- Still faster than IE and FF. - Does not crash that often as IE.

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