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Comment: Re:Driverless Car?!?! (Score 1) 408

by doza (#39340595) Attached to: Google 'Wasting' $16 Billion On Projects Headed Nowhere
Driverless cars are going to be common place but it's still way too soon. It's an incredible technology which wont work right now. I can't wait for it to lift off. There are going to be so many time saving functionalities. Can you imagine: No more traffic jams. Cars driving themselves to get serviced.

Comment: Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 743

by doza (#39337269) Attached to: Lawsuit Claims NASA Specialist Was Fired Over Intelligent Design Belief
There is a big problem, the gravitational kind. A big stone is essentially a planet. Exactly where is he to anchor his feet to lift this stone up? How would natual laws apply. How would this affect the universe? Would he create the stone inside the universe? God cannot lift such a stone because he doesn't have the means.

Comment: Re:Man whose job relies on the scientific method.. (Score 1) 743

by doza (#39337165) Attached to: Lawsuit Claims NASA Specialist Was Fired Over Intelligent Design Belief
This whole argument has been iterated many times before. I feel one can only really assume a god exists. It is impossible to know. For one usually defines god as something that cannot be known and something that is outside our perspective, as a whole. The whole spiritual world cannot be known because it cannot be seen, measured or detected. So for arguments sake it's best to leave it out entirely. For we can only ever speculate. This is my problem in it's entireity. So many things have to be speculated on. An argument made for a god can be applied to any god.

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