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Comment Maybe someone here can figure this out... (Score 1) 187 187

If I pay an extra 10% premium to the power company for my electricity to "come from 100% renewables," and the power company claims its total mix (all customers) is 30% renewables, and I replace my ICE car (at end of life) with an electric, that I charge at night, is that any good for the environment?

Comment Re:Is bitcoin sustainable? (Score 1) 46 46

The cited study is flawed as it doesn't account for the massive investment in call centers, offices, employees, auditors, and regulators that are needed to sustain the VISA payment rails network and the massive energy use and environmental impact those variables demand.

That is insightful.

Comment Re:The founding documents present a path... (Score 1) 161 161

...so long as we live in relative comfort

About that "we" and "relative," I believe it was in the book Collapse (by E.O. Wilson) that he observed civil wars are started when the warrier-aged males in a society experience a decrease in living standards.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 337 337

Google (and Baidu) is learning to recognize letters, numbers, images, faces, the spoken word, more complex things every day, not unlike a baby. Eventually, Google will recognize our internet of things (with exploits), including everyone's phone, and medical implants, and DARPA's robot progeny. Maybe a human, perhaps one of the AI experts recently hired by Google, will be at the helm, maybe not, that just changes who has total control. If Google (or Baidu) wants to grow (it's that or be conquered by that which does), it'll need more resources. What will the top AI (or its operator, if it has one) want to do with everything else and everybody else? Render them nonthreatening first, then use them.

Comment testable theory of quantum gravity? (Score 3, Funny) 62 62

It is shown here that Newton’s gravity law can be derived from the uncertainty principle. The idea is that as the distance between two bodies in mutual orbit decreases, their uncertainty of position decreases, so their momentum and hence the force on them must increase to satisfy the uncertainty principle. When this result is summed over all the possible interactions between the Planck masses in the two bodies, Newton’s gravity law is obtained. This model predicts that masses less than the Planck mass will be unaffected by gravity and so it may be tested by looking for an abrupt decrease in the density of space dust, for masses above the Planck mass.

Comment Re:E-mail client? (Score 1) 85 85

For the first, tough. If they can't properly handle other people's financial information like credit-card numbers and PINs, they shouldn't be handling that information. .

Some merchants are not computer savvy, and have no idea they make their customers vulnerable by using their computer to check emails and browse the web with their out-dated and unpatched OS.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."