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Comment the drone was a gift (Score 1) 1128 1128

If someone puts stuff in your yard, it is yours to dispose of as you see fit. This covers trash like drink cups and what not. Anything mailed to you becomes yours, even if it was mailed by accident. I think this pattern implies that owner of the drone flew it to the shooters yard, and then the drone becomes the property of the shooter. It was a gift. I'm not sure about firing a weapon in city limits, but shooting your own stuff seems legal.

Comment Look to larger, established companies for testing (Score 3, Insightful) 271 271

I've been using perl professionally for 22 years now, and I'm not seeing much of a drop off. I am noticing that a lot of the work is in testing organizations. They've written a lot of code and it needs to be maintained. Look around for automation testing positions and you'll see that a lot of them are in perl. It is not particularly fun and sexy, but you didn't say that was a requirement.

Comment odd politics (Score 1) 289 289

This is odd politics as Roy Cooper is a Democrat, and running for Governor. I wonder how he will spin this on the campaign trail. Which segment will care about this enough to be swayed? Except for the high tech folks and people in Wilson, isn't this a non-issue? Why is he bothering?

Comment 11,000 years ago, not 300 (Score 3, Insightful) 56 56

TFA says it was 11,000 light years away, so it took 11,000 years for the light to get to Earth. We should have seen it 300 years ago, but the explosion was a long time before that. So the summary's opening line of "A little over 300 years ago, a supernova ... exploded" is incorrect.

Comment Re:run constantly on her COMPANY ISSUED iPhone (Score 1) 776 776

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but I'm not wise enough to leave well enough alone.

The guy lives in Denmark, so most likely he is not going to be either a Republican or a Democrat. Since it is likely that he will be "very liberal" by US standards, he's more likely to support the Dems if he cares at all about US politics.

FWIW: I'm a card carrying Republican from the South and it seems that I am generally better informed than you are. Yeah for the well educated.

And to help you out with your ad hominem attack on me, I've got nothing against them tracking their phone. It is their phone after all. But it seems like a thinly veiled attempt to track her. Or at least that is how her boss is (mis)using those features. I'm fine with her being "reachable" 24/7 if that was agreed to when she took the job, but this seems to go way beyond that. Hopefully this will give you fodder to explain how I've been ruining slashdot for the past 18 years.

Comment Re:Boorish (Score 1) 662 662

I would have sworn that my ZX5 was built in North America. A google search says that it would have been built in Mexico, which I'm fairly certain is not part of Europe. It was an awesome little car and I only got rid of it 'cause a 20 something idiot didn't know to drive slower in icy conditions and totaled it. Anyone saying that the only good Focuses were built in Europe is uninformed. Or perhaps stupid. It is hard to tell those two apart on the internet.

Comment Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 3, Informative) 331 331

The lunar colony sends food back to earth which helps keep food costs down, and thus avoids scarcity based social upheaval. Later they use continuing food shipments as a bargaining chip when trying to get recognized. I think it was effective with India and China.

Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated? 673 673 writes According to Joanna Rothkopf Disneyland is already a huge petri dish of disease with tired children wiping their snot faces on Goofy and then riding log flumes through mechanized rivers filled with the backwash of thousands of other sweaty, unwashed, weeping toddlers. Now John Tozzi reports at Businessweek that five workers at Disneyland have been diagnosed with measles in an outbreak that California officials trace to visitors at the theme park in mid-December. The measles outbreak is a publicity nightmare for Disney and the company is urging its 27,000 workers at the park to verify that they're inoculated against the virus, and the company is offering tests and shots on site for workers who are unvaccinated. One thing Disney won't do, however, is require workers to get routine vaccinations as a condition of employment. Almost no companies outside the health-care industry do. "To make things mandatory just raises a lot of legal concerns and legal issues," says Rob Niccolini. Disney has been working with public health officials, and they've already put some employees on paid leave until medically cleared. "They recognized that they were just a meeting place for measles," says Gilberto Chávez. "And they are quite concerned about doing what they can to help control the outbreak."

Comment Re:been there, done that (Score 4, Insightful) 280 280

Most degrees have a year or more of generic coursework. And some microbiology might mean a few math and science classes. That could be as much as a third of the required courses have already been completed. So a two year sprint with summers might be enough. It would be brutal as there are no soft subject classes to dilute the STEM. My personal advice is always to get the degree. Most of it is of little use, but dipping your toes in a bunch of different areas is invaluable. And many managers/HR only want to hire folks with fancy pieces of paper. If you only want some STEM, then why not a hybrid approach? Technical writers often have a minor in a STEM field, but not the whole degree. That might be something you can pick up in just a year.

Comment Have you thought about publicly shaming them? (Score 2) 204 204

Why not just bad mouth them. If they get a reputation for poor service, then so be it. This shouldn't be anyone's first approach, but if you've tried for over a year and they're not living up to your expectations, then they squandered more than one chance to do better.

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