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Comment Re:Honda Diesel? (Score 1) 363

Slashdot is hosted in the US. The employees for Slashdot all work in the US. The majority of slashdot readers are in the US. The majority of slashdot commenters are in the US as well. If they want an informed audience and an informed discussion it would be worth pointing out that three of the four brans listed don't sell Diesels in the US.

The point is not where the cars are sold, the point is the air that is being polluted. Or does the US breathe different air and have it's own independent carbon cycle from the rest of the planet as well?

Comment Re:Snow (Score 1) 202

Wags repeat this over and over, but in fairness, the vehicles had not yet been programmed for those conditions.

The issue as I see it is that if the self-driving car is used in the three good seasons, then in the snowy season _nobody_ will know how to drive. Not the car, and not the meatsack. The car has yet to be programmed, and the meatsack has no experience driving.

Comment Re: Companies tailor behaviour to standardised tes (Score 1) 93

Both of those guys were horrible for their own people. Hitler eventually led Germany to ruin, and Iran spent most of Ahmadinejad's rule isolated on the international stage.

Hitler got Germany out of the Treaty of Versailles. His mistake was commencing Operation Barbarossa. I'm Jewish and I lost a lot of family to that monster, but I realize that until Operation Barbarossa Hitler was doing what was best _for_Germany_.

Due to Ahmadinejad, Iran will have a nuclear weapon in 15 years. He set the stage for the current negotiations, which allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon in 15 years without sanctions. He did what was best _for_Iran_ despite the short-term consequences.

My point is that it's ridiculous for a standards agency to not publish the standard so as to defeat "attempts to cheat the test." Not having standardized rules understood by all the players allows the standards agency to attack whoever they don't like.

You are right. However, there is no single test. People modify vehicles, from passenger vehicles designed for street use to putting electric motors on skateboards, and we test if they are safe. There is absolutely no way to make rules to cover all the possible scenarios. Put a 200 watt motor on a bicycle and we'll OK it for sale. Put two 550 watt motors on rollerskates connected to a poorly-soldered lithium-ion battery pack in a backpack and we won't.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 407

Daesh is an acronym of their Islamic name. Acronyms are rarely used in Arabic, which has led to confusion and anger on Daesh's part. It removes the "Islamic State" part that's so important to them.

The first two letters of Daesh - Daleth and Aleph - stand for Al Dula Al Islamia, which means The Islamic State. The second two letters - Ain and Shin - stand for Al Iraq and for Al Shaam, which means Iraq and The Levant. This acronym was created by the organization itself, though it was used only briefly before the "For Iraq and the Levant" part was dropped from the name leaving only "The Islamic State".

Comment Re: The new normal for Android (Score 1) 142

OK, here is your short short short form of how to change your ROM.

Step 1, find your ROM. First, you go to XDA-Developers and find your device, then you look at the first page or so of the applicable "Android Development" forum at the different active threads. If you have an enormously popular device, you will also want to look at page 2. Look for threads with high post counts. The thread titles should tell you which version of Android the ROM is based on. Check inside the threads to see what is working/nonworking.

Thank you, I see that you really are trying to help. The issue with checking what is working/nonworking is that each thread has on average hundreds of replies, some in the tens of thousands. I _have_ gone and read them, and I still don't know what has been resolved or not. Examples, from the current first page of results:

XDA: DEVDB [ROM] [5.1.1] DarkLord Note 5 Full Port (Fastest, Smoothest) [03/10/2015] 1 2 3
Replies: 10,717

XDA: DEVDB [ROM][AOSP]Minimal OS HLTE Unofficial 2015/10/01 1 2 3
Replies: 38

[ROM][5.1.1r18][HLTE] Resurrection Lollipop v5.5.6 [21/09/2015] 1 2 3
Replies: 1,001

[ROM] 03.10.15] [5.0] [Stock] [N9005.../OC3/OEA/OF3/OH3/OI6] QS-N9005-LP 1 2 3
Replies: 698

XDA: DEVDB [ROM]AryaMod V7.2 TW Lollipop Official POF3 | OTA Update [14 August 2015] 1 2 3
Replies: 13,180

NOTE 3 SM-N900W8 deathnote v10 snapdragon, Dervish Rom marshmallow 5.0.1
Replies: 3

[HLTE/TMO/SPR/VZW][ROM][CM12.1][5.1.1_r16] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build v17.3 1 2 3
Replies: 18,757

[Rom][5.0.2][S6 Port][Xposed][18.09.2015] Phronesis Rom v2.0. Stable, Lag Free. 1 2 3
Replies: 895

XDA: DEVDB [ROM,TW][03/23/2015] Note 4 port 5.0.1 - DarkLord rom v2.2 N910F BOB4 by Samsungviet 1
Replies: 6,593

[ROm]Note 3 base (tazzy) Aurora-Note3-Full-G9200-Port.v3-Stable,lightening fast. 1 2 3
Replies: 639

[ROM] [BOI6] Lollipop And Port Rom [Darklord Note 5 RC Port][10/02]Aurora Note4 Light 1 2 3
Replies: 701

[Rom][5.0.2][S6 Port][Xposed][19.09.2015]Norma Rom S6 V15 English 1 2 3
Replies: 6,565

MIUI V7 Note 3 N-9005 v 5.9.25 modded by ENIAC & Atrankas. 1 2 3
Replies: 615

XDA: DEVDB [Rom][5.0.1][Note 4 Full port][01.09.2015]AuroraRom Note 4 V6 English 1 2 3
Replies: 2,476

XDA: DEVDB [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1_r18] BlissPop 4.0.3 by Team Bliss [hlte/xx] 1 2 3
Replies: 350

[ROM] [hlte] [5.1.1] [official] [CM-based] **crDroid** 1 2 3
Replies: 145

[ROM][KERNEL][N9005][OI3][5.0 LOLLIPOP]AUDAX L v29.0[26/09/15] 1 2 3
Replies: 4,096

XDA: DEVDB [ROM][AOSP][5.1.1] Slim ROM Beta 0.7 #Back2Basics [Unofficial][2015-September-21] 1 2 3
Replies: 447

Poll: (Xposed) DeathNote Rom Based on Darklord N4 port 1 2 3
Replies: 932

XDA: DEVDB [ROM][Official] Tesla by Team Validus [2015/Sep/23] 1 2 3
Replies: 802

Choice is good, information is good, but _too_much_ information is just as bad as not enough information. I have seriously tried to go through all those posts but - with no offence to the ROM builders - the ROM builders are busy building ROMs and not documenting their work. We see this all over the open source community: features exist, bugs are filed and fixed, but nothing is documented other than in random, often-contradictory forum and blog posts.

I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out that the emperor has no clothes: the open source community is does great work, but it is for hobbyists. If I cannot find clear documentation about Foobar ROM, then Foobar ROM is a hobby. I'm looking for something more substantial, and I'll happily pay for it. Maybe Redhat should get into the Android ROM business.

Comment Re: The new normal for Android (Score 1) 142

Forget CM, go to XDA and look for other ROMs for your phone.

I would love to know how to do this. Go ahead and call me an idiot, but I've gone through the ROMS for about a day and a half and then asked on the forums for suggestions, but I got no help on that:

How does one "look for other ROMs" and know if those ROMs support the needed features? Especially for devices such as the Note which have exceptional hardware that may not be supported in the ROM (S-Pen).

Comment Re: Companies tailor behaviour to standardised tes (Score 1) 93

Part of the reason we have written laws is that they're supposed to protect us from government by the whims of "wise decision makers."

I agree with you completely. There is no form of rule which protects the people from the ruled, and also does not prescribe methods for causing harm legally.

A good ruler would balance the needs of the people against his own ego and family interests. I can think of very few modern rulers who I would nominate as being fair and just, the King Hussein of Jordan comes to mind. He's not perfect, but he's doing a better job than any other ruler that I can think of in modern times. He does an outstanding job of protecting his kingdom from threats inside and out, and additionally keeps his neighbors happy (ISIL notwithstanding). All other modern leaders who were good for their respective nations are considered as monsters by other nations. Ahmadinejad and Hitler come to mind. They were both fanatical about advancing their own nations, and did not care about what damage to other people was done in the process.

I venture to say that a "fair, just ruler" is a matter of circumstance no less than it is a matter of personality and values.

Comment Re:We've all been there? (Score 4, Funny) 70

We've all been there: It's nearly 2 in the morning and you're cruising around the Internet looking for new domain names to purchase.

Actually, no - I can't say I've ever done this. It seems like a colossal waste of time.

I think that the process goes like this:
01:00 am
01:30 am
02:00 am

Comment Re:Companies tailor behaviour to standardised test (Score 2) 93

In other news, teachers awarded for teaching kids to perform at standardised tests.

Seriously. As soon as there is a standardised test, it's going to get optimized for.

I used to work at the national Vehicle Engineering Lab, and one of the main complaints that we would get is that we do not publish the tests that we do to decide if a custom vehicle or modification is legal. This is precisely why, people will conform to all the published standards yet find workarounds for the intent. Make a vehicle safe, and we'll allow it. Overpower it with no safety features and we won't. Sometimes, wise decision makers are better then well-defined laws.

Of course, finding wise decision makers is very difficult. We were lucky to have a very wise, experienced engineer lead the team and the process, and I really don't know how it will work out when he needs to be replaced. This is why rule of the people was experimented with two thousand years ago, and hereditary government was found to be problematic three hundred years ago.

Comment Re:Volkswagen, Samsung (Score 2) 93

Volkswagen, Samsung? Anybody beginning to think that companies are acting like a bunch of fucking homos, acting straight when mum and dad come round?

Beginning? Lots of systems detect when benchmarking software is running and alter their performance. I think that a few Android phones do this as well, here is a Slashdot story about it:

Submission + - Treefinder revokes software license for users in immigrant-friendly nations (

dotancohen writes: The author of bioinformatics software Treefinder is revoking the license to his software for researchers working in eight European countries because those countries allow too many immigrants to cross their borders, effective 1 October. The author states "Immigration to my country harms me, it harms my family, it harms my people. Whoever invites or welcomes immigrants to Europe and Germany is my enemy”.

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