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Comment: Re:Sure, I'll dispute your "CO2 blanket analogy" (Score 1) 340

Actually, the blanket analogy is a good one. I'm writing this for you, Taco, as nobody else will be coming around here to read it!

Much of the Sun's energy that hits the Earth in all wavelengths is absorbed and reemitted as IR (because the energy goes into heating the surfaces). Atmospheric CO2 does not block these incoming wavelengths, it only blocks the IR. This is the crux of the problem, and this is why small changes in the amount of CO2 make for large changes in the amount of energy radiated away from Earth.

The problem with modern science is that we've passed the "intuitive to the layman" stage about 300 years ago. Modern discoveries such as climate modeling, statistics, orbital mechanics, quantum theories, and SR / GR are very non-intuitive to the layman.

Comment: Re:$25 Million? (Score 1) 56

by dotancohen (#48628597) Attached to: India Successfully Test Fires Its Heaviest Rocket

"We have absolutely no idea how accurate that figure is."

Haha, kind of like how NASA threw out that "$500 Million" per launch number for SLS. I think even the best case scenarios put the program cost at over $40 Billion just to get the first 4 or so vehicles off the ground.

And considering that they only have 25 SSMEs, the SLS won't see much more than those 4 flights anyway.

Comment: I've got one of those. (Score 1) 110

I've got a Dell X51V from that era. The only thing that I've though about doing with it is using it as a touchscreen for a Raspberry Pie. You could probably write an HTML frontend to cmus or some other useful application. You would then just access the Pie using the device's built-in web browser (garbage) or Opera Mini 2.x (I still have a copy). This is easiest if the device supports wifi (like my Dell) and has a cradle to hold it while it is connected to power (like my Dell).

Comment: Re:Have Both (Score 1) 567

by dotancohen (#48573953) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Same here. At first I was worried that the font subhinting would be confused due to it going from RGB left-to-right to RGB up-to-down. However, at least with Kubuntu Linux, there is absolutely no problem: subhinting works so well that I cannot tell the difference between the test on the vertical monitor from the text on the horizontal monitor.

Comment: Re:Missing info (Score 1) 84

by dotancohen (#48539217) Attached to: US Treasury Dept: Banks Should Block Tor Nodes

I have a few good reasons for visiting my bank via Tor,

Such as? I'm genuinely curious why you would need anonymity to connect to a bank, whereupon you would immediately log into an account that has your name, address, phone number, and probably even your SSN and a copy of your signature on file.

You are correct in asserting that the bank will know it's me. But nobody else needs to know that I've visited my bank. My ISP, government, and neighbours on wifi don't need to even know that I have a bank account.

Comment: Re:Just stars or whole solar systems? (Score 1) 184

I think that you are right. A system moving close to C will be as stable as a system stationary relative to the distant background. However, the interaction which causes such a system to accelerate to C would destroy most fragile structures, likely including most planetary orbits.

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