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Comment: Re:SSDs will outpace platter drives (Score 1) 296

by dotancohen (#47869253) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

In comparison, shortscreen monitors (often mislabeled as widescreen) are a trend which has no logical or technical underpinning.

You are holding it wrong. No, really.

I've got a longscreen monitor (widescreen turned 90 degrees). It fits 120+ characters on a line and shows 122 lines of code plus two additional lines for the VIM status line. The other widescreen monitor is running Firefox with the tabs on the side (Tree Style Tabs) and the KDE panel on the left side of the screen, not the bottom. This is the absolute best setup that I could imagine.

Just stop wasting the vertical space and make better use of the horizontal space. I was a 4:3 holdout for the longest time, now I love the widescreens.

Comment: Re:Send Them Back To Hell (Score 1) 215

by dotancohen (#47846421) Attached to: New US Airstrikes In Iraq Intended to Protect Important Dam

Sending IS back to hell with airpower is easy when they are out in the open. But once Islamic State fighters retreat to towns like Fallujah it will be very difficult to twist them out of their holes. It will require house to house fighting and the towns will be more or less destroyed in the process with great cost to any civilians in the area. If the Shiite dominated Iraq Army does it there will be all kinds of payback. But I doubt they will step up. It will be up to mostly the US with help from the UK and some token help from a few other countries.

Colin Powell was right. We broke it, we bought it.

This is exactly what happened in Gaza the past few weeks, to weed out Hamas.

Comment: Re:Perl: TMTOWTDI (Score 1) 729

That list comprehension is actually very much the reason why Python is terrific. C# programmers will be familiar with the idea from Linq.

for: This is a for loop
a,b,c,d: Each value of the iterator is itself composed of 4 values. In Python this is called a tuple, but you can think of it as an array if it helps. The first value is bound to a, the second to b, etc. Thus, the variables a,b,c, and d are defined in the loop body.
in: The next thing mentioned is the iterator
[x.q for x in y if x.z]+[x.r for x in y if x.z]: This iterator is a mess, let's look at it's parts, which are:
[x.q for x in y if x.z]
[x.r for x in y if x.z]:

[x.q for x in y if x.z]: y is an iterator. Return only the q property of each item in y, only if the z property is defined. This results in a list (another Python datatype which you can think of as an array) being return, of q properties.

[x.r for x in y if x.z]: y is an iterator. Return only the r property of each item in y, only if the z property is defined. This results in a list being return, of r properties.

+: Combine the list of q properties with the list of r properties.

Like learning another (human) language, it it incomprehensible at first. However, I'm no Pythonista and even for me it was very simple to figure out what this does.

Comment: Re:Predators become Parasites? (Score 1) 85

by dotancohen (#47832463) Attached to: Giant Dinosaur Unearthed In Argentina

i'm guessing the fact that it was aquatic dissuaded the rats and ferrets. I'm not sure the size of the creature means the small parasites would ignore it, either.

I'm guessing leeches and little shrimp-like things and jesus that's disgusting. No wonder it's extinct. Good thing, too. You wouldn't want one of these wandering into your backyard to get into your garbage. It would give your dog a heart attack.

Thanks, now we know what was swimming around in the Death Star's garbage disposal. They've just unearthed a Dianoga!

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by dotancohen (#47816625) Attached to: Why Phone Stores Should Stockpile Replacements

Car dealerships should be required to keep an inventory for every model on-hand in case my car needs to go in for warranty service for an extended period.

Actually, in my country (Israel) this _is_ law. All car dealerships have associated garages that must supply seven years worth expected spare parts for all new vehicles, including non-wear parts such as body parts, and to maintain that stock. I'm not sure about how the details pan out for older vehicles, but it ensures that the company cannot just up and leave us without any parts.

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by dotancohen (#47791547) Attached to: Reformatting a Machine 125 Million Miles Away

And the state of the hardware. Some unknown number of systems on the real curiosity are degraded to the point of malfunctioning; And they have little to no way of exactly measuring what and where.

Opportunity. Curiosity is on the other side of Mars, nuturing holes in its wheels and looking for cats to kill.

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OK, I'll bite. :)

Standardizing on tabs helps mitigate this, as everyone sees what they like to see (I se tabstop=4 in vim on my vertical monitor, my emac-using coworker likes tabs to look like 8 spaces on his widescreen monitor), yet indentation level 3 is represented by 3 of something, not 12 (as I would have it) or 24 (as Stas would have it) of something.

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