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Comment: Re:Good data first, then maybe big data later (Score 1) 94

by dotancohen (#48951749) Attached to: Cutting Through Data Science Hype

Data cleanup will take twice as long, cost twice as much, and you will lose at least 10% of your data when you decide to finally give up scrubbing the data.

I actually independently came up with the 10% figure today as well, and mentioned to my project manager that unless he wants to invest real money chasing the long tail of data, he was going to have 10% of the records with bogus values in some fields. I will certainly adopt the rest of your quote!

I have since added a corollary: I do not do IT projects unless you pay me enough to retire on.

Here you lost me. Why were you even in this business if you didn't love the challenge? Don't take other peoples' bad data personally. Take it as an opportunity.

Comment: Re: This is junk science (Score 1) 210

by dotancohen (#48951547) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe

It contains inaccuracies and is a clear troll. The poster knows enough terminology to sound smart, and deliberately twists it.

Oh, and the username begins with the word "Troll". Whoever went on to moderate that post as "Insightful" (as it now stands) does not understand cosmology, and additionally does not know how to identify an obvious troll.

Comment: Re: Planetary migration due to tidal forces? (Score 1) 61

by dotancohen (#48950473) Attached to: How Gaseous, Neptune-Like Planets Can Become Habitable

The fine article suggests that it does in fact affect orbit. Truth be told, it is the first time that I hear this, and _perhaps_ it is the case for gaseous worlds, for which slowing down the rotation is not as straightforward as for rocky worlds.

I've asked on space.SE, your input and comments are welcome on that discussion:

Comment: Re:Planetary migration due to tidal forces? (Score 1) 61

by dotancohen (#48942269) Attached to: How Gaseous, Neptune-Like Planets Can Become Habitable

What is that all about? From what I've read the earth's moon is currently moving away from the earth, not closer. So wouldn't the same forces affect the migration of planets once their environs are cleared of dust, gas and planetismals?

The tidal forces bend and stretch the planet. This results in friction and ultimately, heat.

As soon as you hear the word "heat", you should immediately start looking for places to drain the energy from. In this case, it is orbital velocity that is shed, which brings the planet in closer to the star.

Comment: Re:I've tried selling on Ebay... (Score 1) 79

by dotancohen (#48941599) Attached to: Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products

Contact the seller and ask for a private auction for the original amount and tell him to send you nothing. Give appropriate feedback for the two auctions. His rating is almost as important as his profits.

I might do that once the replacement mouse arrives and I see that it works. In any case, 60 days have passed so I cannot leave feedback.

Comment: Re:I've tried selling on Ebay... (Score 1) 79

by dotancohen (#48938605) Attached to: Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products

To be fair, I'm a big ebay buyer. Recently I ordered two computer mice for my daughters:

When they didn't arrive after two months, I contacted the seller and he sent to more. When one of _those_ didn't work he sent a _fifth_ mouse! This was two days before the claims for the unreceived mice was to expire in my favour (i.e. a full refund). I contacted Ebay and requested them not to close the issue in two days, as I was still waiting for the replacement mouse. Within five minutes (not two days) the issue was closed in my favour and I got an automatic refund that I neither wanted nor deserved. The poor seller sent _five_ mice and didn't get any of his money. He probably thinks that I'm a scammer as well, when the issue is that Ebay didn't even read my mail asking them to extend his deadline.

If there was any good way that I could contact the seller off-ebay and send him the $25 for the mice, I would.

Comment: Re:Yet another webkit-based browser (Score 1) 158

by dotancohen (#48930631) Attached to: Opera Founder Is Back, WIth a Feature-Heavy, Chromium-Based Browser

Opera Mobile Classic, the current name of the Presto-powered browser for Android (which is available alongside the 'real' WebKit-based Opera), breathes new life into ancient Android phones. It doesn't cope with all sites, but it's a lot better than the old Android browser. (And Chrome doesn't run on Android 2.)

Agreed 100%. I've got it running on a rooted Barnes And Noble Nook e-book reader. Opera Mobile Classic is the only half-way decent browser that will run on it, and it works fine.

Comment: You already found the Evoluent mouse. (Score 1) 429

by dotancohen (#48896977) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

I am an extremely happy Evoluent customer. The mouse is absolutely terrific, very comfortable and actually _more_ intuitive than a flat mouse once you get used to it. With the exception of my graphics designer, every single person in the office fell in love with my vertical mouse when I let them try it for a few days.

However, nobody is willing to pay $100 for the mouse, just like they are not willing to pay $70 for a mechanical keyboard. I think that people see cheap mice and keyboards for $10, so they feel cheated when they spend much more than that on peripheral equipment. The truth is that I'm a sucker as well. Even though I have an Evoluent at work I still use a flat mouse at home as the price of a second Evoluent is hard to justify to myself when I hardly use the mouse at all (Vimperator, Linux).

Damn the price, trust me, you want that mouse though. The discrete middle-mouse button is only the icing on the cake. Almost _everything_ on that mouse is absolutely terrific.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1, Funny) 332

by dotancohen (#48894401) Attached to: UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

I can't see the hairs on real people 10 feet away (for normal arm hair), if I can see the hairs on someone's arm on TV, why are they zoomed in on someone's arm?

I suspect that the format might fit a certain popular film niche, in which seeing the actor's body hairs is in fact considered a desirable feature.

Comment: Re:That would be a Directed EMP (Score 1) 208

by dotancohen (#48867749) Attached to: US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms

You make a good point. I can imagine three to five drones attacking, say, Times Square at New Years. I really cannot imagine that happening with mortars.

Even if the Times Squares drones are unarmed, just having them buzzing close to the people might scare the people into a stampede, with tens or even hundreds of casualties. The technology can be legally purchased for a few thousand dollars, today. And the perps would be almost impossible to find.

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