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Comment Re:A Prediction (Score 2, Insightful) 475

Do you post the same comment in every article? You didn't actually make any comment at all - you added about as much as the ACs who feel compelled to say 'obligatory - in soviet russia ...'

If you want the moral high ground, why don't you read the full text of the new space policy (go here).

You do realize that Bush (walking through a door left open by Clinton) is declaring that the US will do whatever it feels is necessary to defend its interests in space - including developing and deploying space weapons.

A direct quote from the policy paper reads:
"The United States will preserve its rights, capabilities, and freedom of action in space... and deny, if necessary, adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to US national interests," (quoted in the BBC article)

I'm all for frickin' laser beams and photon torpedos on Star Trek, but in real life this sort of behavior is stupid. Space travel is difficult enough as it is; there is no need to complicate things by introducing the added costs and dangers of space missiles, anti-missile missiles, etc.

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