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Comment: I'm hardly surprised (Score 1) 250

by doragasu (#43682603) Attached to: Real World Stats Show Chromebooks Are Struggling
I want to buy an ARM Chromebook since it was announced, but as today, I still have not one, and maybe I'll never have it. Why? Because I live in Spain, and ARM Chromebooks still have not been released here :(. I don't know why Google punish spaniards not launching it here, but I also don't know how they pretend to have big sales if they do not launch it everywhere and make big advertising campaigns.

Comment: Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. (Score 1) 466

by doragasu (#43672647) Attached to: Ubuntu Developing Its Own Package Format, Installer
It can be a good idea if it is used as a complementary system, used ONLY for a few selected packages, like for example non free ones. Non free packages have the problem that sometimes they become a real pain to get working, when the libraries they depend on get outdated, and are not available in the repositories of the distro you are using. As Ubuntu continues moving away from the free software ecosystem, I think this is hardly a surprising move.

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