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Comment Re:It was the computer for us commoner kids (Score 0) 263

We also started out with a Vic-20... my dad eventually built his own audio amp for inside the computer (the green-screen monitor didn't have any audio), and made his own RAM expansion, and added the 40/80 column cart. Was an ass-kickin' system by the time we jumped over to the C128 in 85. I still have a huge collection of Commodore stuff... Vic 20's, a 16, couple Plus/4's, two SX-64's, several 128's, two 128D's, a ton of 64's and 64c's, Amiga 3000. And drives and printers... and a SuperCPU, Link-232, EZ-232, Swiftlink, Turbo-232, Ethernet Cartridge, CMD HD, CMD FD2000... the list goes on and on...

Comment I'm a battery junkie. (Score 0) 297

I have more freakin' batteries in my house than Wal-Mart. AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6v Lantern, 6 and 12v Gel Cell (biggest is a 33AH 12v), Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Li-Poly (in a tablet). Laptop batteries, ham radio batteries, cb radio batteries, FRS/GMRS batteries, holy crap. Cards of coin cells. 73, Jay

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