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Man Wants to Donate His Heart Before He Dies 456

Posted by samzenpus
from the cart-before-the-horse dept.
Gary Phebus wants to donate his heart, lungs, and liver. The problem is he wants to donate them before he dies. Gary was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, in 2008. Phebus says he'd like to be able to donate his organs before they deteriorate, and doesn't consider his request suicide because he's "dead anyway."

Comment: "Three times less expensive?" (Score 2, Funny) 235

by dopeydad (#27266383) Attached to: Building Your Own Solar Panel In the Garage
"is three times less expensive than mass produced solar panels"... Hmmm. If it was "one time less expensive", it'd be free, so if it was *THREE* times less expensive, does that mean he got paid twice the normal cost? I think that probably means to read "one third the cost". Why can't Johnny do math?

+ - MS Windows ousted at California School District

Submitted by OSS_ilation
OSS_ilation (922367) writes "Complete ousters of an operating system from any IT environment are pretty rare in the age of heterogeneous data centers, but Novell managed to do it at one Northern California school district. The IT staff of the Windsor School system had been tasked by school administrators with cutting costs associated with a Windows upgrade. They chose, ultimately, to cut out Windows entirely. The article shapes up to be pretty pro-Novell piece, but Heather Carver, Windsor's IT director, does dish a bit on ID and authentication headaches that still plagued this particular Linux deployment."

+ - A way to break the major label monopoly?

Submitted by
Roger writes " is the homepage of a project intended to break the grip of major labels on the music industry and put power back in the hands of musicians. The idea is simple: use video sites like Youtube and Metacafe along with word of mouth advertising to promote the project while using online distribution channels like Myspace, iTunes, and Cafepress to sell the songs and merchandise. The videos tell a coherent storyline, with each one broken into an introductory video blog segment followed by a narrative video pertaining to the song. This keeps out all of the middlemen (managers, labels, etc.) and allows earned revenue to go toward ongoing recording and production expenses. Every penny the project makes goes to someone involved in the creative process, not to some label executive who is more concerned with the bottom line than good art. You can find their most recent video here. The songs are available for purchase on their home website, under the heading "Songs.""

Comment: Re:The problem... (Score 1) 153

by dopeydad (#17554684) Attached to: CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 6 for Mac and Linux
Well, no, not exactly. I haven't filled in their silly forum, because after watching them for a couple of years (and pledging support, and entering votes...), it's apparent that no one at CW really pays any attention. I did email Jeremy White directly about the issues, and his response was basically "that's too bad". QB has been listed as "Bronze" since I first looked at there applications forum. Bronze means "it installs and sort of runs". That's not good enough for me for accounting software, so it's useless to me.

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