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Comment: Watch Leonard Susskind in action (Score 1) 148

by doom (#49787309) Attached to: Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory

If you'd like to actually know something about string theory, I suggest watching some of Leonard Susskind's lectures:
You will then be in the position of being able to intelligently criticize the theory, instead of quoting other people's jibes.
Susskind is not interested in bullshitting anyone, by the way... quoting from memory: "This is why a lot of us found string theory to be so promising. And it keeps promising and promising."

Comment: Re:Long time... (Score 2) 240

by doom (#49263175) Attached to: Windows 10 Enables Switching Between Desktop and Tablet Modes
The real question is why Windows 8. Okay, some dorky website run by twenty-somethings is bound to leap on trendy, flashy technology, because the kids look on "backwards compatibility" as some outmoded, fuddy-duddy infringement on their creative freedom, but you'd think a company like Microsoft would run a complete UI revamp through a testing phase, and not just listen to some bullshit like "oh, people are always resistant to change, they may hate this at first, but when they get used to it, they'll love it!".

Comment: Re:Software is the wrong villian here. (Score 1) 307

by doom (#49133051) Attached to: The Software Revolution

Private debt drives the economy. And yet economists have convinced themselves and us that we can safely ignore the role of banks debt and money. This situation is absolutely insane.

You appear to have convinced yourself you can completely ignore those "economists" and figure out what they think via telepathy.

Personal opinon: on economics, you're better off reading Krugman than slashdot.

Comment: Re:Enjoy years of splitting between 5 and 6 (Score 1) 192

by doom (#48961661) Attached to: Perl 6 In Time For Next Christmas?

I first got disillusioned with Perl many years ago when I realized I couldn't even read my own code!

The number of people who think this is a witty thing to say still amazes me to this day. So, uh, you have no sense of discipline, you don't know how to organize code and are incapable of writing documentation, and you think this makes you a way cool hip programmer dude because, uh...

Comment: Re:This is the same community (Score 1) 581

by doom (#48491553) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility
The idea that the risks of nuclear power are anywhere near the scale of the problem with global warming is completely deranged-- the fact that someone who can string coherent sentences together is willing to embrace blithering idiocy on that scale is a sad comment on the state of our intellectual discourse.

Comment: Segmented SRBS (Score 1) 96

The bit I like:

Q: "Why did they use segmented SRBs?"
A: Because Morton-Thiokol is in Utah, without a sea-port, and the pieces had to fit on trains or trucks.

Q: So why didn't they go with a company that did have ocean access, like Aerojet in Sacramento? A: James Feltcher was from Utah.

Comment: Re:He's not just speculating (Score 1) 96

The way this argument goes is that the shuttle would've been able to take lighter payloads to a higher orbit, but the USAF design contraints screwed that up. So we got a shuttle-to-LEO when all the action (the satellites it was supposed to service) were up in GEO.

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