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Comment Privacy Mess (Score 0) 484

I have to disagree and I'm no MS fan. My install went flawless and most people don't understand the while WiFi access thing anyway. Yes, they want to sell you stuff, but who does not? Your not forced to buy! Everyone and his brother wants your money any way they can get it! Welcome to the Net!

Comment Real MS Person (Score 0) 216

I have MS and of course I would love to see this cured but this procedure is not acceptable.Not all people go along with this stem cell thing and I am one of them.For those people who do,that is their choice.I also am an ordained minister and on the point of living forever,this is simply not possible since man has inherited sin and the wages of sin is death.Not meant to start a debate but the above statement is simply a fact and above that statement is my opinion.

The only person who always got his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.