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Comment structure not code (Score 2) 164

I don't think it's super important to know the lines of code, it's more important to know the structure of how content is distributed on the internet. If people want to expand their information age knowledge, they should look to understand the structure of the internet, protocols and server architecture and such. That's what laymen need in order to keep up.

Comment Great Read (Score 2) 124

Really liked this article. I've experienced "flow" to a limited degree when playing music and playing video games, it's something I'd like to be able to attain more. The only time I really enter "flow" when playing music is when I'm improvising with other musicians and I get really 'in the zone' with what I'm playing.

Comment Re:Snipers? WTF? (Score 1) 124

A lot of shooting (accurately) depends on eye-hand coordination and motor learning to control superfluous movements that can mess up a shot. Will this stimulation do anything for that?

Actually the article says the exact same thing you said! In the article it says that professional soccer player's play-styles are different from beginner and amateur player's play-styles in that pros have less superfluous movements.

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